Top Reasons Why Your Store Should Implement a Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty Program

by Danielle Dixon 25th August 2022


Top Reasons Why Your Store Should Implement a Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty Program

If you own a convenience store, you should implement a tobacco scan data incentive program in your store, which helps increase customer loyalty. Doing this can create memorable shopping experiences for your customers, motivate them to visit your store, and recommend your business to others. Convenience stores rely heavily on selling tobacco products, yet they fail to tap into the opportunities for enhancing sales and offering special discounts to customers. They can tap into such opportunities by integrating scan data into their POS system and enrolling themselves in a tobacco scan data program loyalty program. These programs have an imperative role in offering significant profits to c-stores.

With the rising demand for tobacco products, the tobacco industry is seeing significant growth, and it will continue to rise even more in the coming times. Several customers are buying more tobacco and vape products. In line with the great demand for tobacco products, retailers can tap into this opportunity to attract new customers and convert them into brand advocates.

What is Tobacco Scan Data?

In addition to the buydown customers receive on their purchases, certain tobacco brands have implemented a program that allows retailers to pass on their savings to customers in exchange for their tobacco scan data. It implies that retailers can pass on their savings without impacting their profit margin. It is an incentive program made available to customers by some leading tobacco companies like ITG Brands, RJ Reynolds, and Altria.

What is the Need for a Scan Data Loyalty Program?

There are certain shot benefits of rewarding your loyal customers for their purchases. A rewarded customer will shop from you more frequently than your competitors. It is sure to bring several benefits to your business and is sure to bring in maximum profits as loyalty program customers usually spend about 18% more compared to regular customers.

The following are some benefits you can expect from manufacturer scan data and loyalty programs for your store:

  1. Customer Retention

    It is easier to retain loyal customers than to acquire new ones. Acquiring new customers involves a lot of costs pertaining to advertising and marketing. Retaining loyal customers and rewarding them with enticing rewards and discount programs are better. If you offer good value to your loyal customers, they will stay loyal to your brand for a long time. Let’s suppose businesses offer enticing and valuable rewards to their customers. In that case, they’ll make efforts to make the most of the loyalty programs they join and will prefer to shop from your store whenever possible.

  2. Referrals

    Companies that offer enticing discounts and rewards are referred to more than regular stores. Expand your customer base without spending extra money on advertising through a scan data loyalty program. People will spread the word regarding discounts or offers from your brand. This will eventually lead to attracting more customers to your business.

  3. Customer Reviews

    You can expect positive reviews from loyal customers. Regular customers are more likely to go out of their way to leave an online review. On the other hand, there’s a possibility that dissatisfied customers will provide negative reviews, which could damage the reputation of your business. There is no better method to engage customers and encourage them to leave reviews than to have a scan data loyalty program.

  4. Increase Average Sales

    The best thing about loyalty programs is that they increase your customers chances of conducting purchases at your store. Customers will choose to add more items to their shopping cart if they get rewarded for their subsequent purchases. It also implies that you will earn extra money from the same customer base.

  5. Improve Sales of Non-Selling Items

    If certain items are piling up on shelves and you are having a tough time selling them, you can consider offering discounts or store credit on those products. Customers will see these products as a bargain; thus, you can get rid of deadweight stock in less time and hassle-free. This strategy proves helpful in emptying your shelves and helps you build brand loyalty with your customers.

Why Does a Store Need to Have a Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty Program?

  1. Customer Analytics

    Your business can get a number of benefits from the insights and analytics obtained from a scan data loyalty program. Using scan data to make informed decisions for your convenience store is essential. When an item gets scanned at the POS in your store, data gets collected by your POS system, known as scan data. In addition, you can measure and compile this data into reports. These reports provide information about customer behavior and purchases, which will also help avoid overordering or stockout issues.

  2. Tobacco Kickbacks

    Heavily rated and lucrative tobacco products play an imperative role in driving profitability and sales in convenience stores around the globe. Reputable vendors require scan data information to understand their customers in-depth. Scan data programs are created by extending their help to vendors. It not only provides scan data but also earns rebates by monetizing data from their stores. Tobacco retailers who submit transactional level data from the POS system on a routine and weekly basis receive rebates. Moreover, they also receive multi-pack discounts, brand-funded promotions, and loyalty incentives.

  3. Integration and Training

    Other significant benefits of scan data include integration and training. Scan data offers seamless integration to promote tobacco supplies. Further, it helps retailers bring in additional revenue without worrying about anything else. Therefore, you require only three steps to set up your store’s scan data system: setup, report generation, and report sharing.


A scan data loyalty program is a must for stores as it offers many benefits. You can earn incentives by staying updated with manufacturer tobacco scan data guidelines with an automated FTx POS system.

Danielle is a content writer at FasTrax POS. Her writing focuses on all-in-one, innovative POS and business solutions that can help companies stand out. Aside from having a love for writing and reading, she is also passionate about animals, crafting, and documentaries.

Danielle Dixon

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