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Display Tempting Menus with Eye-Catchy Restaurant Digital Signage

FasTrax restaurant digital signage offers digital menus easy enough and useful for small businesses. The super-simple yet robust back-end allows immediate, on-the-fly changes to pricing or menu items. Now you don’t need to be dependent on the IT support team to update your digital menu boards for restaurants—you can do it from your smartphone in seconds!
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Show Off Your Culinary Prowess with Restaurant Digital Signage Solution

  • Vibrant high-definition photos of food will make it tempting for customers to try different dishes from the restaurant menu.  
  • You can hire our designers to design graphic content for digital menu boards for restaurants.  
  • Show customers how hot and fresh your food is with high-definition video and animation through digital signage.  
  • Give your customers more than a paper sign or menu to tell them about a dish with digital signage.  

Instantly & Easily Update Menu On The Fly

  • The Control Center Dashboard is easy to navigate, so much that any of your staff members can change pricing and product availability at any time.  
  • The Control Center is completely mobile-responsive—use your tablet or smartphone to update your menus!  
  • The Timeline Editor built into the Control Center allows you to schedule your promotions months in advance.  
  • Digital signage makes it easy to track the success of your promotions and new products.  
restaurant digital signage
best digital menu boards for restaurants

Cross-sells & Upsells Have Never Been Easier

  • Show customers different pricing options based on food portion size. 
  • Use restaurant digital signage to suggest add-ons like appetizers or desserts. 
  • Pair different drinks to food orders to move those high-margin products. 
  • Employees may forget to mention upsells; your digital signage will not. 

Entertain Your Patrons With A Fun Video

  • Increase customer engagement with interesting and fun videos using digital signage for restaurants.  
  • A fun video and audio display can help keep customers entertained, enhancing their experience at your restaurant. 
  • Impress patrons with your culinary creations.
  • Entice passersby with your attention-grabbing screens. 
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