digital signage solutions for smoke shop

Smoke Shop Digital Signage Lets You Manage Smoke Shop with Great Ease

FasTrax Digital Signage is designed by retail marketing professionals with experience in the tobacco shop industry. Smokers Choice stores were the first to go to all-in on smoke shop digital signage, and the success they are seeing with it is measurable. The amount of paper-based signage associated with in-store tobacco marketing was getting harder and harder to manage. However, with FasTrax Digital Signage, it’s all managed with ease from their corporate offices and is 100% FDA compliant.
digital signage software for tobacco Shop industry


  • Automatically update pricing from your point of sale system.  
  • No more paper, ladders, ink, or expensive printed ads. 
  • Menus with variable pricing are easy to build. 
  • Pricing can sync from POS or be updated manually with ease. 

Create Eye-catching HD Menu Displays with Smoke Shop Digital Signage Solutions

  • Create exciting menus with the easy-to-use Control Center application.  
  • Better engage with customers through rotating ads, video, audio, and a scrolling feed to keep them aware of your current promotions as they shop your store. 
  • Placed strategically throughout your store, smoke shop digital signage will reach your customers before they reach for their money. 
  • Stay compliant with the FDA by displaying health warnings for tobacco products.  
smoke shop digital signage
digital signage solutions for smoke shop

Earn Money from Manufacturers by Promoting Their Products on Your Smoke Shop Digital Signage

  • Sell ad space on your screen to partnering businesses or product manufacturers. 
  • Rotating ads on your screens could be used to promote your sales or for manufacture-sponsored ads.  
  • Offset your digital signage costs by running sponsored ads on your displays.  
  • Increase revenue by creating more effective promotions.  

Clean Up Your Store Through Creative Digital Ads Powered by FTx Digital Signage Software Solutions

  • Make your paper ads more effective by converting them into vibrant digital ads.  
  • Remove the clutter of paper ads with smoke store digital signage software. 
  • Save time and money over traditional printed marketing material.  
  • Manage from your home or office PC, tablet, or smartphone. Never get on a ladder again.  
digital signage services for smoke shop

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