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Run Your Business Efficiently with a Liquor Store POS System

Our innovative liquor store POS system helps businesses attract and retain customers. Get the best marketing solutions for your liquor store with FasTrax Solutions. Contact us today!

Unleash the Potential of Your Liquor & Bar Store with a POS System for Retail Liquor Stores

Whether you sell liquor, beer, or wine, our point of sale system can help you manage promotions, orders, inventory, and sales for your liquor store. Take complete control of your store and simplify your daily operations with our bar POS software.

Our liquor store POS system helps you serve customers faster, speed up operations, and enhance the customer’s experience.

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Keep Profits Flowing with the Most Trusted Liquor POS Software

Tap on the sales opportunities, carry out promotions, and everything in between using the FasTrax POS System for Liquor Stores.

Age Verification

Verify a customer’s age by scanning and checking their license using the barcode scanner. Plus, speed up the checkout process and avoid fines and penalties.

Price Consistency

Maintain price consistency across all stores and carry out quick price updates. Our liquor store POS software helps to quickly enable deals/promotions and avoids discrepancies in pricing.

Reporting & Analytics

Store owners can get real-time reports and analytics to monitor sales/refunds anytime. Get actionable insights for the products you are selling.

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Inventory Management

Increase profit margins and let your business grow using the best POS software. By abiding to laws and regulations and keep strict compliance with the state, you can avoid fines and penalties. The FasTrax POS system will make sure that your liquor store maintains compliance and follows the legalities of the state. A POS software helps track inventory as well as spoilage from damaged products occurring due to in-store mishaps or case-break. You can trust our liquor POS software to manage inventory, stock orders, labeling, stock transfers, etc. Receive instant notifications and get real-time access to data and know what is in stock as well as order and transit.

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Opt for a Feature-Packed POS for Liquor Stores

Our FasTrax POS software has tracking capabilities and is completely glitch-free. Our liquor store POS system comes equipped with scripted pop-ups that your sales staff can read to customers during the checkout process to inform them about freebies, deals, or discounts they could add on to their purchases. It comes loaded with useful features like permission-controlled buttons, age verification and age-restricted selling parameters, and a built-in time clock with a biometric fingerprint scanner. Its fully-customizable touchscreen interface helps train new personnel, hosts/hostesses, bartenders, and table waitstaff. Apart from quality inventory control, our best POS system for liquor store includes mix and match pricing, customer loyalty, and other sales tools features that help upsell and boost revenue. Its live data flow helps store owners stay informed of spot trends, queue item transfers for multiple locations, and give instant access to warehouse inventory and transactions remotely, all at great ease.

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Effective Branding with a Liquor Store POS

Digital signage helps liquor stores carry out effective in-store advertising for new items, weekly specials, upcoming events, and so much more. With digital signage installation located near your cash register, you can target your audience to the screen and inform them everything about your store.

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Carry Out In-store Promotions with Digital Signage

With FasTrax digital signage solutions, you can save money on printing costs and update content on signage displays with just a click of a button. It helps increase customer engagement and promotes incentivized purchases.

  • In-store digital signage helps customers view weekly deals, reviews, product descriptions, new arrivals, product videos/commercials, and store tasting event times.
  • Get full control of updating one or multiple signages with your desired content anytime.
  • Pre-schedule your highest margin items to auto-play during peak hours.
  • Select a pre-made campaign from our template database of over 1,000 designs.
  • You can even schedule promotions and advertisements weeks, months, or even years in advance.
Liquor Store POS System Solutions
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Reward Loyal Customers for their Purchases

Loyal customers are bound to spend more money on their purchases than non-loyal ones, and with FasTrax’s Enhanced Loyalty customer retention program, you can stay ahead of the competition by creating a customized loyalty rewards program. With it, you can create customer loyalty campaigns easily and sign up customers by scanning their license. You can also create discounts based on individual items or groups of items, and you can choose the way you choose to earn and redeem points. With a fully-customizable loyalty program, you get complete control over the loyalty program.

With FasTrax Premium Loyalty solutions, you can view detailed reports to track and manage your loyalty campaigns. You can also consider rewarding your customers for buying products and promote extra spending by sending personalized SMS messages, push notifications, and emails to your loyal customers.

If you want, you can even set up incentive points that your customers can earn whenever they post on social media about your business. Customers play a crucial role in promoting your business through their reviews, and rewarding them is a great way to show your gratitude.

  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Healthy ROI
  • CRM Reports
  • Philip Morris Integration
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FasTrax POS

FasTrax POS

It is an industry-leading retail POS software solution and helps stores realize the profits of retail automation by streamlining their routine operations. It has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that requires minimal training; our POS will reduce transaction times to ensure operational efficiency.

FasTrax Digital Signage

FasTrax Digital Signage

Break free from traditional advertising. FTx Digital Signage simplifies the tasks of everyday marketing. Show your customers high-quality, attractive messages that will effectively increase sales, product awareness and customer retention.

FasTrax Director

FasTrax Director

It is the heart of our software suite. It comprises modules you use on a routine basis to operate your store. FasTrax Director comes included in our POS and can also be given as the stand-alone corporate back-office solution. It helps streamline a few areas of operation like pricebook control, scheduled activities, inventory control, house/loyalty accounts, employee management and buydown management.

FasTrax Lottery

FasTrax Lottery

We understand the frustration of lottery sales and reconciliation. FasTrax Lottery enable you to keep track of sales, payouts, and inventory. It makes the whole process simple using either a handheld device, POS, or back-office software.

FasTrax Biometric Security

FasTrax Biometric Security

Our FasTrax POS comes with Biometric security and a fingerprint scanner with hardware solutions that enables secure and quick login onto the POS and clock in/out with a single touch. It helps in eliminating unauthorized access to your bar POS system.

FasTrax Handheld

FasTrax Handheld

With the FasTrax Handheld wireless real-time interface, inventory tasks can be done accurately while the store is open. FasTrax Handheld allows you desktop-level performance without being tethered down or away from your customers in a back room.

FasTrax Time Clock

FasTrax Time Clock

Studies show that an average of 4-5 minutes per employee every week is spent manually entering time-clock details for payroll. FasTrax Timeclock provides you with an easy, accurate, and secure way to track and report your employees hours.

FasTrax Warehouse

FasTrax Warehouse

Our FasTrax Warehouse is a simple and feature-rich standalone application that pairs seamlessly with FasTrax POS. It helps in tracking inventory, its movement and cost. This solution proves helpful, mainly if you operate a warehouse or wholesale department.

FasTrax Hardware Solutions

FasTrax Hardware Solutions

FasTrax offers a variety of top-of-the-line hardware systems to keep your business processes running at optimum performance. With hardware solutions suited to the specific needs of your business, you can feel confident that your system requirements are fulfilled.

FTx Managed IT Services

FTx Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is all about keeping your technology working when you need it – always. With FasTraxPOS, you not only get the Point-of-Sale software we are famous for, but you can also rest assured that we have your network and data safely secured with the latest IT services.

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Liquor stores help to speed up the checkout process during peak hours and drive more sales for your business. It can also allow your staff to spend more time on sales and customer service.

A POS system is a software platform that makes it easy for store owners to ring up custom orders, process payments, manage tasks, track inventory, generate sales reports, and so much more.

A point of sale system can help bring in new customers, manage resources, improve turnaround time, retain customers, and ensure customer satisfaction.

A successful bar is prepared for every situation. If a bar has adequate stock levels and is prepared for peak times, it can help your bar profit as your customers spend more.