A Fast and Simple Approach to Upgrading Your Wine Inventory Management System

by Danielle Dixon 18th May 2023

A Fast and Simple Approach to Upgrading Your Wine Inventory Management System
Your business is your pride and joy. Maybe you own an underground wine cellar that is surrounded by lush greenery and a library of first-edition novels. Or perhaps you own a local spot that sells delicious chardonnay that guests enjoy while watching local jazz bands. Regardless of the vibe of your business, what matters is that if your current wine inventory management system frustrates you or has made it difficult for you to effectively maintain the inventory in your store, it may be time for an upgrade. You can experience fear about learning a new system just at the thought of changing your point of sale (POS) setup. Regarding how the changeover would affect your company’s operations, you might likewise be worried. Those emotions are quite understandable. Fortunately, it’s far less difficult and disruptive to upgrade your wine POS system than you may anticipate. You can install the new system without closing your store. You don’t need to be an expert in technology or try to understand the new functions for months. You don’t need to spend hours poring over setup guides and troubleshooting instructions. Even then, you don’t have to go it alone. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what it takes for you as a wine retailer to upgrade your wine POS system. To help you comprehend how simple the move could be, we’ll discuss the benefits of upgrading.

Steps to Take to Upgrade Your Wine Inventory Management System

Asking yourself why you want to upgrade in the first place is crucial before you hastily change your complete inventory management system. Are you attempting to reduce the effort and time required for inventory tracking? Do you want in-depth information on your best-selling products so you can determine which ones are the most lucrative for your store? Are you seeking a cutting-edge wine cellar inventory management system that offers capabilities unique to your business and not available in a standard retail POS system? If you answered yes to any or all these questions, now might be the ideal time to switch. It’s normal to feel intimidated by the idea of upgrading systems. Implementing change can be difficult in any area of your life, but especially in your business. We’ll concentrate on the benefits of the upgrade rather than the switch’s few challenges. Let’s divide the upgrade procedure into doable, smaller steps.

Choose Local Software or Cloud-Based Software

You must first decide which type of wine inventory management software—local or cloud-based—best meets your goals before choosing a new system. When you select local software, your data will be kept on-site, which is equivalent to keeping it in a safe. Only when you are really at the store will you have access to your inventory numbers. With local software, you often buy it upfront and own it. This may initially cost more, but after you’ve paid for it, it’s yours. Additionally, local wine cellar inventory management software doesn’t need the internet to conduct business. This can be an adequate option if your store doesn’t have Wi-Fi or if you reside somewhere with spotty internet. Your data is saved online for cloud-based systems, just like your emails are. You can remotely view your inventory numbers, which makes life easier. You can monitor your business from home or even while on a trip thanks to cloud-based technology. You can also check on your other stores without going back and forth if you have many locations. Cloud-based systems have lower upfront expenses because the subscription tends to be monthly. Even if you don’t fully own the system, it will let you upgrade without incurring a sizable initial bill. A cloud-based system also has the benefit of securely storing your data in case the store is ever devastated by a natural disaster. If you find yourself in this situation—which we hope you won’t—your business records will be safe and secure. After choosing between a local or cloud-based POS system, you should know how an upgrade to the program can help your business.

Know the Benefits of Contemporary POS Solutions

Modern POS systems include industry-specific features that make your business more profitable and simpler to run. For instance, they can track and manage thousands of inventory items without the time and work that would be required by a generic retail POS, thanks to auto invoicing. With that, you can scan merchandise as it enters your store and auto-populate it into the system; you won’t have to keep track of and manage each item separately. With the help of product ranking, a contemporary POS system can also help boost your store’s profitability. You can view your inventory listed from best-selling to worst-selling with only a few touches on a screen. To help you easily determine which products are your top performers and which aren’t, products could even be color coded. The best thing is that by tracking quarterly and annual sales, your system will develop along with you and become smarter for your store over time. Do you know how Spotify suggests artists depending on your listening preferences? The same function is performed by a modern POS system, but it also makes product reorder recommendations based on past sales data. You’ll be able to make wiser and more profitable store purchases once you’re equipped with this knowledge. Setting everything up is the next step in upgrading your system, and it’s a lot easier than you might imagine.  

Configuring and Getting to Know the System

You don’t have to upgrade your system alone, which is the first thing to realize. If you need it, technical assistance will walk you through every step. They’ll assist you in identifying the metrics that are most crucial to your business’s success and make sure you know how to obtain them. After your POS system is installed, if you need assistance troubleshooting an issue, technical support can coach you through the process over a live call or take control of your POS system remotely and make the necessary repairs. What it comes down to is that you won’t ever be left to figure out the system on your own. Switching systems is made simple in many ways, not just in terms of technical support.

Upgrading Your Wine Inventory Management System: The Next Step

You have time to consider your options. It’s important to take the time to discover the best POS system because it can significantly impact your ability to maximize profitability and efficiency in your business. To speak with a salesperson who can walk you through some of the features of each POS system, it’s best to schedule a demo call. This will give you the chance to learn the specifics of your store and find out which system seems to be the best fit for you. If you’re curious to learn more about the benefits of utilizing the solutions of FasTrax POS, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and experience a demo for yourself!

Danielle is a content writer at FasTrax POS. Her writing focuses on all-in-one, innovative POS and business solutions that can help companies stand out. Aside from having a love for writing and reading, she is also passionate about animals, crafting, and documentaries.

Danielle Dixon

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