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Get Advanced POS Solutions for Impeccable Tobacco Store Management

Engage in legal and hassle-free tobacco dealing with our tobacco store POS and offer a unique buying experience to your consumers.

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Our POS for tobacco stores can help you to sell tobacco items, track inventory, and integrate with your current POS system. With our feature-rich POS system, you can monitor all store aspects through a single interface, view real-time data, access reports, and perform product tracking.

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Key Features of Our Tobacco Store POS System

Our specifically designed POS system helps tobacco store owners deal with the industry’s unique challenges and assists with inventory management and the billing process.

Age Verification

Our POS system features age-related access controls and functionality that verifies age on a product-by-product basis.

Inventory Management

With our tobacco shop POS system, you can track product movement in and out of the store. It helps automate orders, vendor management, stock notifications, and generate detailed sales reports.

Scan Data Reporting

With the scan data reporting, you can obtain and analyze market trends, and it helps with managing stock in line with sales.

tobacco store pos system

Sell Your Merchandise & Increase Sales

With our POS for tobacco wholesaler businesses, you can keep track of your merchandise and manage stock at any time. You can also set stock alerts for specific items to know when you need to reorder. Our software comes with helpful features, like age verification and scan data reporting. Deadstock can also be managed effectively by creating great offers and promotions. You can also generate inventory reports for stock analysis and make better decisions.

Speed Up the Checkout Process

Speed Up the Checkout Process

Our POS system comes with different useful hardware; one of them is a barcode scanner. The POS software allows you to assign unique UPCs to your store products. You can use this device for product entry into the invoice during the checkout process. With tobacco store pos software, you can simplify and speed up the entire billing cycle. It also helps with enhancing the customer experience at your store and allows your store to stand unique from others.

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Engage & Educate Customers with Digital Signage

Digital signages offer an affordable way to promote products and change messages across different stores from a single digital dashboard channel. You can use the digital signage to advertise new products to your customers.

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How a Digital Signage Positively Impacts Your Customers

Dynamic graphics and animation help capture a customer’s attention, so you should consider using digital signage for your tobacco business. These signs convey your brand message effectively while positively influencing buyer behavior. It will help customers expedite the time they spend in your tobacco shop. It can help you save money by eliminating the need to incur printing costs in the long run. It simplifies in-store marketing and is a proven tool that increases customer engagement, influences buyer behavior, offers product recommendations, and addresses customer questions.

  • Automate price updates across all stores from your tobacco store POS system
  • Inform and educate customers about products, promotions, and deals
  • Create customer engagement and enhance customer relations
  • Promote slow-moving products and create buzz about upcoming products
  • Convey brand message effectively
tobacco store pos software
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Retain Customers with Loyalty Programs

We offer an integrated loyalty solution in our POS. You can reward your frequent shoppers to encourage them to come back and shop more. Capture client information in your database and inform them about deals and promotions throughout the year. Signing up customers for loyalty programs is easy as you need to scan their driver's license using your barcode scanner. Their details will be filled in automatically in the tobacco store POS system, including additional details like email addresses and special notes for the customer. You can create customized loyalty programs for customer retention and to maximize sales.

You can strategically plan and fully customize loyalty campaigns and schedule them for desired days. Access in-depth reports to track and manage loyalty campaigns and measure their success. Give customers the rewards they would love and you will see a healthy ROI.

If your tobacco store has already participated in the UST/Philip Morris loyalty program, then you can easily integrate with FasTrax Loyalty. Sign up and reward customers with exclusive Philip Morris rewards, including cartons, discounts on packs, and UST products. You can gather and send data automatically to Philip Morris and get your rebate! Additionally, you can even earn manufacturer incentive money through scan data programs. You can stop paying the third party to access your sales data or track manufacturer coupons used on sales. With FasTrax Loyalty, you can do all of this simply with a touch of a button.

  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Healthy ROI
  • CRM Reports
  • Philip Morris Integration
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FasTrax POS

FasTrax POS

It is an industry-leading retail POS software solution and helps stores realize the profits of retail automation by streamlining their routine operations. It has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that requires minimal training; our POS will reduce transaction times to ensure operational efficiency.

FasTrax Digital Signage

FasTrax Digital Signage

Break free from traditional advertising. FTx Digital Signage simplifies the tasks of everyday marketing. Show your customers high-quality, attractive messages that will effectively increase sales, product awareness and customer retention.

FasTrax Director

FasTrax Director

It is the heart of our software suite. It comprises modules you use on a routine basis to operate your store. FasTrax Director comes included in our POS and can also be given as the stand-alone corporate back-office solution. It helps streamline a few areas of operation like pricebook control, scheduled activities, inventory control, house/loyalty accounts, employee management and buydown management.

FasTrax Lottery

FasTrax Lottery

We understand the frustration of lottery sales and reconciliation. FasTrax Lottery enable you to keep track of sales, payouts, and inventory. It makes the whole process simple using either a handheld device, POS, or back-office software.

FasTrax Biometric Security

FasTrax Biometric Security

Our FasTrax POS comes with Biometric security and a fingerprint scanner with hardware solutions that enables secure and quick login onto the POS and clock in/out with a single touch. It helps in eliminating unauthorized access to your POS system.

FasTrax Handheld

FasTrax Handheld

With the FasTrax Handheld wireless real-time interface, inventory tasks can be done accurately while the store is open. FasTrax Handheld allows you desktop-level performance without being tethered down or away from your customers in a back room.

FasTrax Time Clock

FasTrax Time Clock

Studies show that an average of 4-5 minutes per employee every week is spent manually entering time-clock details for payroll. FasTrax Timeclock provides you with an easy, accurate, and secure way to track and report your employees hours.

FasTrax Warehouse

FasTrax Warehouse

Our FasTrax Warehouse is a simple and feature-rich standalone application that pairs seamlessly with FasTrax POS. It helps in tracking inventory, its movement and cost. This solution proves helpful, mainly if you operate a warehouse or wholesale department.

FasTrax Hardware Solutions

FasTrax Hardware Solutions

FasTrax offers a variety of top-of-the-line hardware systems to keep your business processes running at optimum performance. With hardware solutions suited to the specific needs of your business, you can feel confident that your system requirements are fulfilled.

FTx Managed IT Services

FTx Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is all about keeping your technology working when you need it – always. With FasTraxPOS, you not only get the Point-of-Sale software we are famous for, but you can also rest assured that we have your network and data safely secured with the latest IT services.

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A POS system for tobacco stores comprises a cash drawer, monitor, receipt printer, customer-facing display, a 2D barcode scanner, and a card reader.

Age verification, inventory management, vendor management, and label printing are some of the must-have features in a tobacco point of sale system.

A POS system is a software package that comprises compatible hardware to organize and operate your business activities.

It should offer data analytics and generate detailed sales reports with graphs and representation. It should also have an easy-to-use dashboard that provides real-time data for inventory, sales, and cash.