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Make Effective In-store Promotions Through Supermarket Digital Signage Software

In this fast-paced world, people want to be in and out of your store as quickly as they can. How can you ensure your in-store advertisements are enough to capture their attention? FasTrax supermarket digital signage utilizes brilliant, full HD digital displays to grab their focus. Multi-media ads and digital coupons encourage them to engage with your marketing and spend more time and money in your store.
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Do You Offer Your Customers Coupons?

  • Increase customer interaction with your screens by offering coupons digitally. 
  • Make scannable ads for your digital price display for supermarkets, giving your customers instant access to coupons. 
  • Use UPC or QR codes your customers can scan with their smartphones for more information. 
  • Track your coupons more easily with the supermarket digital signage software. 

Get Paid By The Brands You’re Loyal To

  • Digital Signage lets you make your money in more ways than one. 
  • Offset the cost of digital signage for supermarket by renting space on your screens. 
  • Build better marketing relationships with your best-selling brands. 
  • Menu displays can be branded using the easy-to-use Control Center Dashboard. 
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Easily Managed By Any Member Of Your Staff with Supermarket Digital Signage

  • Whether your store is located in one location or has multiple chains, our best software digital signage for the supermarket is managed efficiently by anyone, from a marketing department to a store manager.
  • The Control Center’s incredible Timeline Editor allows employees to easily schedule promotions months in advance.  
  • The Control Center can be used on almost any device—from your back-office PC to a tablet or smartphone.  

Promote Daily Deals And Specials with Supermarket Digital Signage Software

  • Run flash sales on your digital price display for supermarkets for any amount of time. 
  • Any promotion can run from only a few minutes to up to a few months.  
  • Build your library with thousands of promotions that can be utilized at any time.  
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