Empower Your Business with Power-Packed Retail POS Solutions

Empower Your Business with Power-Packed Retail POS Solutions

From ringing up sales and tracking inventory to processing payments and storing customer data in CMS, our POS retail software solutions can keep your business running smoothly, as well as ensuring accuracy, speed, and operational efficiency.

FasTrax Offers Business & Marketing Solutions for All Industries

From our industry-leading POS system and warehouse inventory solutions, to our state-of-the-art digital signage and loyalty program, the FasTrax suite of marketing solutions can aid in pushing your business to success! We have experience working with all industries across the board, no matter how big or small. FasTax Solutions has gathered some of the leading minds in the industry to develop the very best tools to grow your business. Our products and services are constantly evolving based on our customers’ needs and concerns.

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Grow Your Business with Our Marketing Solutions

Our suite of marketing solutions ensures you that you can survive the cut-throat competition and stand out as a winner! The FasTrax POS system takes the hustle out of managing your tobacco stores and increases profit in several ways. Using our modern tobacco shop POS, you can efficiently manage your routine operations.

Our wide range of POS solutions are designed to meet your industry needs. Get everything you need to increase sales, improve business decisions, prevent fraud or thefts, and generate additional profit from our POS system.

Our point of sale system features permission-controlled buttons, age verification capability, a built-in time clock, and a fingerprint scanner.

With in-store digital signage, you can capture customers’ attention and help drive sales by educating and promoting in-store products.

The FasTrax Enhanced Loyalty feature benefits you and your customers. Create several loyalty campaigns and sign up customers by scanning their licenses.
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Attract & Retain Customers with Digital Marketing Solutions

Attract and retain customers by enhancing the customers’ experience with FasTrax POS solutions. We offer digital marketing solutions to help you grow your brand, expand your customer base, and succeed with strategic marketing strategies and campaigns customized for age-restricted industries.

Our liquor store POS system can manage the burden of compliance once you input details into the system, such as city, state, and other address info.

It features an easy-to-navigate inventory database, inventory tracking, mix-and-match pricing, vendor management, purchase order tracking, sales reports, analytics, CRM & loyalty applications, and transactions & payments.

With FasTrax Digital Signage solutions, you can change the content of signage displays quickly to encourage customer engagement and incentivize buying.

Our fully customizable FTx Enhanced Loyalty feature benefits liquor stores and customers. You can strategically plan and schedule loyalty campaigns however you want!
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Execute Business Ideas with Marketing & Business Solutions

Enhance your customer experience and stay ahead of your competitors by offering them a wide range of quality vape and cigar products at fair and competitive rates. Take your vape and cigar store to the next level with our digital interactive marketing solutions.

With FasTrax solutions, you get all the services required to boost sales, prevent the loss, implement the correct business decision, and make additional revenue.

Our FasTrax POS comes with a fully customizable touchscreen that interface and gives you the freedom to change prices and promotions anytime. Stay informed about spot trends, queue item transfers, and access inventory and transactions from anywhere.

Inform customers about new products, time-bound deals, and brand messaging. Capture attention and encourage sales with our vape shop POS software.

With our loyalty solutions, you get access to in-depth reports that will help you easily track and manage your loyalty campaigns.
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Streamline routine operations and define new consumer experience standards

Modern POS Solutions Made Affordable

We specialize in retail POS solutions and digital signage solutions. Our vertical markets comprise wholesale and retail with a focus on tobacco outlets.

Scan Data Tracking Programs

Scan Data Tracking Programs

Stay updated on the changes in manufacturer guidelines and incentives with FTx POS’s unique scan data tracking programs for tobacco retailers.

Customer Facing Display

Customer Facing Display

Keep customers informed about upcoming sales events while also viewing their current transaction.

Streamlined POS

Streamlined POS

Our retail POS system will help your store realize its full-profit potential with powerful retail automation.

Real-time Inventory Data

Real-time Inventory Data

Our POS solutions provide you with real-time data for inventory. It helps you make accurate business decisions and manage inventory.

We Always Support You

FasTrax POS software is classified as a partial/supporting/modular application. We do not store credit card numbers within our system. While we have met PCI DDS requirements and have shown that we comply with PA DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standards), we are not eligible for listing on the PCI SSC’s website.

A common misconception is that your retail point of sale software is responsible for ensuring your store’s PCI compliance—PCI compliance goes farther than that. It involves how you manage your network and passwords, among other things.

  • Datacap/NETePay

    • Utilize Datacap utility/program with the current processor and processing hardware
    • Requires license and integration from your current processor with Datacap utility/program
    • Wider variety of processor integration
    • Wider variety of processing hardware integration
  • External

    • Utilize your existing external device and processor
    • No direct link with FasTrax POS

  • FasTrax POS minimum system requirements are:

    • A processor comparable to an Intel® Pentium® Processor G850
    • At least 4GB of RAM (memory) for DB machine
    • At least 2GB of RAM (memory) for supporting machines
    • At least 80GB of hard drive space

Any existing POS peripherals (barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, and pole display) will need to be confirmed as OPOS configurable. Peripheral model numbers may need to be supplied to Support for confirmation.

  • The current version of FasTrax POS software is compatible with:

    • Microsoft® Windows® 7, both 32 and 64 bit
    • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, both 32 and 64 bit
    • Microsoft® Windows® 10, both 32 and 64 bit
  • For corporate servers:

    • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 or greater
    • Microsoft® SQL Server Standard 2012 or greater