Cloud-Based POS System for Tobacco Stores: Why Your Business Needs One

by Danielle Dixon 1st September 2022

Cloud-Based POS System for Tobacco Stores: Why Your Business Needs One

As children, we were always told that the first steps towards a bright future are good education and having the ability to work smartly. Well, this still applies to us! The first step towards the success of a retail business is investing in a cloud-based POS system? How so?

Imagine you want to start a tobacco store and yet to organize the store operations. You have loads of stock waiting to be unloaded in the stock room but lack a system to log, record, and stock the inventory. What should you do?

Well, you have two options: count and record the inventory manually or invest in an intelligent cloud-based POS system that will automate this process. So, the question is: what do you want to do: work manually or work smartly? Let us help you decide by presenting some facts and features related to the tobacco store POS system.

Don’t Miss Features of a Cloud-Based POS That Every Business Should Have

The purpose of a point of sale system is to make sure your business operations are running smoothly. Make sure you can concentrate on your business expansion rather than worrying about mundane activities. Let the tobacco store POS make your life easier. A cloud-based POS system is cost-effective and can simplify a lot of tasks. Check out the features of a cloud-based POS system.

  1. Protect Your Store from Threats

    A tobacco store comes with immense internal and external threats, such as theft and inventory loss. A POS for cigarette and tobacco stores can end these risks. It comes with anti-theft security systems, such as allowing biometric fingerprint solutions to ensure authentication. Moreover, a cloud-based POS can configure permissions and restrict access to specific people. It can record all the sales and payment activities. Thus, there is no scope for any fraudulent activities. A tobacco store POS can also be set up with digital security to ensure safety and security. Most importantly, each generated receipt is stamped with the customer’s age. Thus, you never have to worry about breaking the law!

  2. Give Your Customers Worry-Free Discounted Pricing

    Have you ever faced this problem where you want to give a discount and you are calculating the final value? For instance, if a customer has purchased products worth $78 and you want to give them a 5% discount, but there is a long checkout line and you need to calculate for each customer. Isn’t it time-consuming? Moreover, customers might even walk out of the store.

    All of this can be prevented by installing a cloud-based POS system for tobacco stores. A POS can add discounts when triggered by a specific quantity or value. Moreover, you can provide various offers depending on your campaign, such as: pricing discounts, percentage discounts, buy one, get one free, bulk discounts, and much more. This way, you can save time and offer various discounts, thus providing a great customer experience.

  3. Never Forget About the Basic Functions

    When the POS was first invented, it only had one purpose: to manage sales and payments. Though modern retail POS systems have many more functions, let’s discuss the basics. A smart POS can manage and organize multiple cash drawers and has a safe drop functionality. This way, you never need to worry about your cash in the drawers. Apart from the payment activities, a POS can track sales receipts and produce returns and manage paying and payouts. One of the most critical cashier tasks is that you can restrict access to specific keys or functions. This way, rather than granting full access to your entire team, you can limit critical usage activities to your most trusted staff.

  4. Keep Customers Engaged with Customer Facing Displays

    Your potential customers are those few companions who are waiting in line while others are shopping elsewhere. Additionally, with marketing, you can attract walk-in and line customers as well. But how would the customers know if they need to buy something more? Or, how would potential purchasers determine whether there is a relevant item? Displays become important in this situation.

    Customer facing displays will keep them informed and updated about the latest and most in-demand products. Moreover, you can display the latest offers or deals while customers wait for the billing process. All-in-all, customer facing displays are a great way to conduct marketing activities and product promotional messages. Would you like to direct your marketing efforts towards targeted audiences? FasTrax POS offers targeted marketing. Why don’t you give it a shot?

  5. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors 

    Managing the inventory is the most critical part of running a successful retail store. Imagine a situation where you are promoting a product on customer-facing displays or running a campaign, but you have run out of stock. A cloud-based POS system will make sure you never run out of inventory. Even better, it will make sure you always have an adequate list! How so? It can track inventory and change the total stock count once a product is sold. Also, it can record the warehouse stock when cartons come in.

    Did you know: A cloud-based POS system can also record buy-down prices, and you can set it up for a specific period?

  6. Check Your Data Anytime and Anywhere

    You can always have access to your data—sales and stock. A cloud-based POS system for tobacco stores can provide detailed information regarding your daily, weekly, or monthly sales. You can use these reports for multiple reasons, such as creating campaigns or targeting customers. Moreover, you can identify the most and least popular products. This will help with marketing activities, and you can provide discounts on products or offer Buy One, Get One Free deals on the less popular products. FasTrax POS provides this built-in facility to ensure you have a smooth working process and can get all the information in one place. This will reduce your dependency on hiring third-party accessors, and you will never have to worry about your data security.

To Conclude

A cloud-based POS system will always be there for you! All of your information is stored in a secure place, and you have the right to restrict access. Apart from these features, FasTrax POS’s point of sale for tobacco stores can also handle gift cards without processing fees. Check out the fantastic features of the FasTrax POS cloud-based POS system, and let us know if you have any questions!

Danielle is a content writer at FasTrax POS. Her writing focuses on all-in-one, innovative POS and business solutions that can help companies stand out. Aside from having a love for writing and reading, she is also passionate about animals, crafting, and documentaries.

Danielle Dixon

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