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Manage Sales, Promotions & Pricing with Liquor Store Digital Signage

FasTrax Liquor Store Signage is ideally suited for the wine and spirits industry. Every liquor store can become overwhelmed with paper-based advertisements that don’t catch the customer’s eye like a vibrant HD display can. While you have the customer’s attention, FasTrax Digital Signage for liquor stores can show pricing, cross-sells, upsells, and multi-media advertisements.
digital signage in liquor stores

Promote In-Store Tasting Events, Sales, and Deals with Liquor Store Signage

  • Inform your customers of upcoming events without annoying them with wasteful flyers. 
  • Easily create vibrant HD graphics to promote your tasting events with digital signage for the wine and spirits industry.  
  • Utilize features like a scrolling feed or animated promotional images to draw attention to your sales or events. 
  • With our Timeline Editor, you can easily schedule out a year’s worth of events or promotions.

Get Paid by The Brands You’re Loyal To

  • Liquor Store Digital Signage powered by FasTrax POS lets you make money in more ways than one.
  • Offset the cost of liquor store digital signage by renting space on your screens.
  • Build better marketing relationships with your best-selling brands.
  • Menu displays can be promoted with our easy-to-use Control Center Dashboard.  
digital signage led sign for liquor store
digital signage for wine and spirits industry

Showcase Your Products Through Attractive Graphics on Liquor Store Digital Signage

  • Commission high-definition photos of your unique products.  
  • Work with brands to supply product images and share advertising costs. 
  • Show your customers how a product is made with Video and Sound. 
  • Direct customers to the products you want them to buy. 

Make Your Store Look Clean And Modern

  • No more paper signs and posters. 
  • Never get on a ladder for price changes. 
  • Displays are easier to clean and dust. 
  • Customers are happier and more engaged. 
digital signage in liquor stores


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