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Automate Business Operations and Manage Products with Retail POS System

Automate business operations of your store by using our retail POS solutions. It helps in managing all tasks of your store be it sales, inventory or any other activity of your store. Our point-of-sale software for retail helps you cater to varied customers' needs in the best way.

The Best Employee You’ll Ever Have!

FasTrax is a software development/application service provider specializing in a POS system for retail software solutions and digital signage solutions. Our vertical markets are comprised of both retail and wholesale, with an emphasis on tobacco outlets.  
The FasTrax state-of-the-art point of sale software solution provides our clients with the ability to maximize profitability and manage daily operations and inventory through its user-friendly design. FasTrax has a unique advantage in developing solutions for the tobacco store industry because our president and the executive team currently own and operate a chain of over 50+ tobacco stores—nobody can understand the business more than someone who is a leader in the industry.

A constant eye on your bottom line is the key to profitability. Streaming data updates on your inventory is invaluable when your business depends on rapid turnover. Live data flow allows you to spot trends and react instantly. Make on-the-fly price or buydown changes without interrupting store operations. Queue item transfers between stores from your corporate office. Instant access to your stores and their data via the retail POS system offers complete control of your business. 

A Total Enterprise Solution

The feature-rich FasTrax POS is the seamless integration between modules and utilities that sets us apart from other point of sale offerings. Instead of competing on features, we prefer to innovate and hone our utilities. Modular harmony lets you have complete control over a multi-store chain from a single corporate terminal. Adhering to these simple principles also empowers the single-store owner to control the pricebook and review inventory movement and sales data via emailed reports even when they are on vacation! You have an abundance of options and the execution is consistent no matter your business size!  

  • Time Back-office
  • Pricebook
  • Purchase Orders/Receiving
  • Payroll Management
  • Electronic Distributor Invoicing
  • Time Clock/Scheduling
  • Sales Analysis
  • Handheld Solution
  • Biometric Securities
  • Wholesale Package
  • Lottery Management
  • Closed Loop Gift Card System
  • Live-Time Inventory Management
  • E-liquid Calculator
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Buydown Control & Reporting
  • Auto Generated Orders
  • “Always Ready” POS
  • Live Time Product Management
  • In-house Coupon System
  • Barcode/Shelf Label Printing
  • Customer Loyalty Solution
  • Corporate Messaging System
  • House Account Control
daren schwartz profile
"With the rapid growth of Smokers Choice, I realized the key to continued success would be through technology. Other Point-of-Sale systems offered were lacking in function and cohesiveness. We required control and streaming data wrapped in a clean interface. We designed modular harmony."

Darren Schwartz | President & Co-Founder

The FasTrax Team

FasTrax takes great pride and care in assembling a team that understands the complexities and struggles you are facing. We are aware of the tobacco industries technologies and trends that will help the average retailer generate more profit. Our executive team has more than 50 years experience in operating retail tobacco stores including building their current 50+ store chain from the ground up. 

Douglas Nolan

Douglas Nolan CEO & Co-Founder

Darren Schwartz Profile

Darren Schwartz President & Co-Founder

Anil Thakkar Profile

Anil Thakkar Chief Technology Officer


Zack McAnally Director of Development

Derek Sandoval

Derek Sandoval Product Owner


Justin Bevan Lead Cloud Architect/Developer


Richard Smith Software Developer


Eddie Karst Support Analyst

Amanda Parisella Profile

Amanda Parisella Marketing Manager


Mark Sieczek Warehouse Supervisor


Danielle Nolan Human Resources Director


Chris Pearson Information Technology Professional

Danielle Dixon Loyalty Content Writer

Chirag Joshi Motion Graphic Artist

Jigar Gangani

Jigar Gangani Web Developer

Ketan Sabosania Sr UI/UX Designer

"We created FasTraxPOS to fill the niches other retail management systems seemed to ignore and quickly realized the benefits we are now able to offer our retail brethren. We stay ahead of new trends and technology requirements through our retail experience, coupled with our valued clients' input to always increase your bottom line. What started as a necessity for us grew into the best employee for you."

Darren Schwartz | Founder / President