8 Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage to Boost Sales and Revenue

by Danielle Dixon 9th June 2022

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Restaurant owners can use digital signage to offer an elevated customer experience. By implementing the best strategy and ideal placement, allows businesses to discover great marketing results and stay ahead of their competitors. They can display food menus by adding a digital menu list and listing the prices on a digital signage screen.

The best thing about a restaurant digital signage is that it helps speed up the order process as your customers can refer to the list and place their order from the display list. It reduces the hassles of staff members by taking food orders on an individual basis.

Below are specific ways in which you can use digital signage to operate your business efficiently:

  1. Waiting Room Screens

    Your customers can get overwhelmed waiting for long periods of time while waiting to be seated or waiting for their takeout order. Digital signage software can reduce the perceived time of customers at your restaurant. With the help of installing digital signage, it can help customers divert their attention and keep them engaged while waiting to get their order fulfilled.

  2. Digital Menu Boards

    By using digital menu boards for restaurants software, you can bring your items to life by displaying them on captivating and eye-pleasing digital menu boards. Creating an easy-to-read digital menu helps attract customers, make quick decisions, and boost revenue. It also helps with easily updating menu boards when necessary. With digital menu boards, you can help customers and staff members make quick and informed decisions.

  3. Promotions

    With digital signage solutions for restaurants, you can promote new dishes, seasonal deals, and menu items. They help to increase a customer’s average purchase price by encouraging purchases during the checkout prices. You can inform your customers about ongoing offers and deals. When any deal or discount flashes on the screen, it will help grab customers’ attention and encourage them to place more orders.

  4. Upsell Products

    Creative visual images and menu boards provide great ways to attract customers’ attention. The chances are that by seeing a revolving and creative display of food items, your customers won’t resist and simply settle on desired items. Rather than pushing your customers to try new products or subscribe to loyalty programs, digital signage will do the job for you. On digital signage, you can choose to showcase exotic meals, lip-smacking cuisines, delicacies, or desserts that will entice your customers to place more orders when taking the last bite of their meal.

  5. Collect Reviews & Ratings

    Digital signage can be helpful when it comes to displaying reviews and ratings shared by happy customers. You can enlighten customers when they enter your food chain or restaurant by displaying impactful customer reviews. You can display user-generated content from social media platforms, and having it displayed on a digital signage system will assist you in improving customer interaction.

  6. Social Media Walls

    Displaying a social media wall is another way to entertain and engage your target audience. For instance, social media walls will help you achieve customer traction. Also, with captivating food images, you can increase the appetite of your customers. Some great sources from where you can collect attention-grabbing images are Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Entice your customers by displaying the social media wall with a digital menu to inspire customers and help them choose their desired food more efficiently.

  7. Sell Advertising Space

    Restaurant owners can make use of signage to boost sales and revenue. You can sell advertised space to non-competing businesses such as vendors, suppliers, and partners. If you’re not comfortable displaying other brands on your digital signage, you can also offer the space for free promotions for those who pay something in exchange for added value or discounts on their offerings. It would be a win-win situation for both parties.

  8. Enhance Customer Experience

    When customers visit your restaurant, whether they want to dine in or place a takeout order, the last thing that they want to do is wait around and feel like they should have visited another restaurant. With the help of digital signage, you can enhance a customer’s experience and influence impulse purchases. Apart from this, setting up interactive kiosks will help them stay entertained and engaged. It will further help them place an order, while the engaging and dynamic content helps reduce perceived time.

Digital signage is a vital part of a communication tool for businesses to deliver informative marketing content. There are several factors as to why this technology is in great demand among customers. This marketing method is vital for grabbing a consumer’s attention. It helps in increasing brand recall and customer retention rates. Furthermore, it helps promote impulse buying and adds to customer experience. This technology is affordable compared to other methods of marketing.

It is imperative to effectively use the best software digital signage for restaurants in order to achieve maximum results. There are creative ideas you can consider when it comes to branding, such as helping customers understand the value of a product/service, upselling items, informing customers about products/deals, attracting social media followers, and connecting employees and consumers.

Digital signage helps your business operate efficiently in several ways. It helps them save money and time, attract customers’ attention, and provide efficient delivery service.

It helps eliminate printing costs, you can customize the menu anytime and anywhere, it creates customer engagement, attracts customers’ attention, promotes new and lesser-known items, sells advertising space, reduces operational costs, and is easy to deploy.

Danielle is a content writer at FasTrax POS. Her writing focuses on all-in-one, innovative POS and business solutions that can help companies stand out. Aside from having a love for writing and reading, she is also passionate about animals, crafting, and documentaries.

Danielle Dixon

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