What a 2022 Cigar Shop POS System Should Look Like

by Danielle Dixon 25th May 2022

What a 2022 Cigar Shop POS System Should Look Like

As the intense climate of the pandemic has gradually calmed down, 2022 has become a year of hope for many business owners. Especially cigar and tobacco shop owners. Cigar shop and lounge owners with old-fashioned or modern cigar shop POS system experienced mixed reactions when it came to how the pandemic impacted them. When we look at the data, interviews, and other reports about the cigar shop businesses in the United States, it shows that for some stores, their business has taken a severe hit, especially lounges. Once a nerve center for business, lounges have either been closed down completely or locations have been reduced. However, some businesses have grown as a result of panic buying and many other vital factors.

How Covid Affected the Cigar Retail Industry

“In 2020, 43.7% of the cigar owners reported a decrease in sales and 41.4% reported an increase in sales, and 14.9% reported no change or very minute changes in sales compared to the previous year. Although the gravest concern was that 64% of shops had to close, some for a short period, due to the pandemic.” (Source: Cigar Insider)

Though panic buying can be an explanation for many stores’ increased sales, it isn’t the sole reason. The ability to change how business is done, quick order processing, and maintaining a solid inventory even when there was a problem in the supply chain due to the pandemic explain why some stores were still able to increase their sales. It’s safe to say that though the COVID-19 scare destroyed many businesses, it has still taught a harsh lesson for every business owner. It’s about how quickly you can adapt to the rapidly-changing business environment. Slow adapters lose, and quick ones or those who think a step ahead rule the world.

It’s 2022 now; you need to be more prepared than ever before. You might think, “But I have a modern cigar POS software. It’s advanced. Isn’t that enough?” Well, yes and no.

Yes, because you need modern POS solutions for your cigar shops, and no, because you need to understand how “modern” your point of sale system is. Now that we’re in 2022, the definition of “modern” and “advanced” has changed. It’s not only about being equipped with new technologies. It’s also about being flexible and how quickly your POS solutions provider can help you cope with a sudden pandemic attack. Or if you consider the ongoing global issues, a world war. The cigar shops that managed to multiply their sales in 2020 were mostly those that quickly started coping with the changing consumer requirements during lockdowns.

What is the solution then? What should a 2022 advanced Cigar Shop POS system have? FasTrax POS has the answer for you!

Here are the 4 must-have features for a cigar shop POS for 2022:
  1. Omnichannel Capabilities

    If you look closely at any retail business giants. You will notice that for the last 4-5 years, they have started talking about omnichannel business operations and other similar business terms. Because of their futuristic thinking, they started developing or purchasing technologies or software that offer omnichannel capabilities in order to remain ahead. Nike is an excellent example of opting for omnichannel business operations.” According to the Omni-Channel Capabilities and Flexible Fulfillment POS & Customer Engagement Report 2021 of RCP, 52% of retailers indicate that customer delivery and pick-up capabilities are the top customer engagement priority for 2021. “For the cigar businesses, Smokers Choice and Nothin’ Butt Smokes are excellent examples of implementing an omnichannel point of sale system for their tobacco and cigar shops.

    In Continuation…

    A cigar POS system with omnichannel capabilities enables businesses to offer their consumers curbside pick-up. It also offers retail and online ordering, returning flexibility, order online and pick up in-store, and many other features. To offer your consumers next-level flexibility, a cigar shop POS empowers you to manage and centralize your inventory. You can also integrate with online ordering and shipping channels and provide multiple payment options. Further, you can create and manage in-store and online marketing strategies. In the event there would be a complete lockdown for any reason and consumers can’t visit your store, you can reach consumers at their homes as well! You can ensure that your business continues with your omnichannel cigar POS system.

  2. Customizable with Ultimate Business Support 

    Almost every POS software provider says —customizable with ultimate business support. It’s very generic, right? No, it’s not. Most businesses promise, but it’s not that easy to change and customize software instantly in the true sense. Very few cigar shop POS software providers offer that. A customizable cigar shop POS system allows add or remove features. Especially when your business requires them according to market and consumer demands. In 2022, people are restless and want instant changes. However, with proper business support from the POS provider, you can provide consumers customized services and solve issues immediately. FasTrax POS is one of the best examples of customizable cigar shop POS software. Since the owners of the software provider technology company are seasoned tobacco retailers themselves, they are highly aware of the issues that cigar and tobacco retailers face. The clients of FasTrax POS enjoy ultimate business support and customization on demand.

  3. All in One & Powered with Retail Automations

    Gone are the days when people shuffled between different software, consolidated data, scratched their heads, found numerous errors, and worried about time wastage. You want your hassles to be reduced and your mind to be freed from managing everyday redundant tasks. So that you can focus on the big picture stuff like strategizing, ideating, and making new alliances. An all-in-one POS software for cigar shops is equipped with integrated tools. Such as inventory and warehouse management, age verification technology, digital signage management center, and multiple payment options. Further, there are pricing management, automated scan data loyalty management, consumer loyalty management software, and so much more. All you need to do is open one screen and do everything right there—it is that easy! With retail automations, you can automate everyday tasks like inventory calculations, pricing management, and in-store marketing. You can do other activities as well like digital menu management, billing operations, and many other tasks. Automation helps you increase the bottom line by reducing expenses and losses caused due to errors. With automation, you can increase sales by enhancing the billing experience and consumer experience.

  4. Integrated Automated Scan Data Loyalty Management

    Many tobacco and cigar retailers have to share their data with a third party. Moreover, they have to pay a percentage of their earnings to earn scan data loyalty incentives. Understanding the changing guidelines of manufacturers like Altria and RJ Reynolds is also a time-consuming task. A forward-looking cigar retail POS system with integrated automated scan data loyalty management tools solves the hassles of comprehending the changing guidelines of scan data and helps you make necessary changes according to the manufacturer’s rules to earn scan data incentives. Automated data collection, sharing the data with the manufacturer, implementing buydowns, multipack discounts, and pricing management are the tasks that become a cakewalk when you invest in the cigar POS system of 2022.

    For Example

    Altria recently launched Digital Trade Program 2022 for retailers with different tiers of earnings. To qualify for each tier, you need to fulfill specific prerequisites. One requirement is that a retailer must have a digital loyalty program to earn additional incentives. A regular point of sale system might not have a feature of on-demand integration of digital loyalty program software, or the solution provider doesn’t have an in-house loyalty software, thus forcing the retailer to contact another loyalty solutions provider. And everybody knows how jarring it is to buy and subscribe to a software program. Because you have to ensure that it’s worth the money you are going to invest. Moreover, it needs to be updated and serves your purpose.

    On the other hand, if a retailer already has an actual modern cigar shop POS system with features of 2022; all the retailer has to do is sit and relax. Because a modern cigar shop POS like FasTrax POS comes with integrated digital loyalty tools. Also, the solutions provider offers on-demand integration instantaneously.

    Smokers Choice, Nothin’ Butt Smokes, Wild Bill’s Tobacco, and many more are some of the great examples. They could reduce their hassles and increase scan data earnings by using a cigar shop point of sale system with scan data loyalty management tools.

To Sum Up

Life becomes super easy with 2022 POS software for your cigar shop. Why make it complicated by using or investing in POS and business solutions providers that offer an old-fashioned POS and brand it as modern. It’s 2022—a post-pandemic era. Many businesses who have taken a hit during the pandemic are bucking up and making a solid comeback. Let’s eliminate the competition instead of trying to survive!

Technology is revolutionizing businesses every day. People are looking forward to using technology and providing the best shopping experiences to their consumers. In 2022, it’s all about how much attention you can personally give to your buyers. You’ll be busy managing systems with outdated software, but with contemporary cigar shop POS software of 2022, you’ll have enough time to manage people—your consumers.


A cigar POS system consists of software that helps retail cigar shop owners manage billing operations, payments, inventory, loyalty programs, scan data loyalty, digital signage, and many more types of POS and business operations.

Yes, we do. We’ve been in the business for almost 13 years now, and we have an extensive range of futuristic POS and business solutions for cigar shops and other types of companies.

Depending on your requirements and the POS solution you opt for, the cost can be anywhere between $60-$200 per month. For the pricing of FasTrax POS, you can contact us and we’ll help you with all the business information and solutions you need. 

Of course. FasTrax POS is known for its highly proficient, integrated Scan Data Management feature. You can visit our Scan Data Loyalty page or request a demo for more information.

Danielle is a content writer at FasTrax POS. Her writing focuses on all-in-one, innovative POS and business solutions that can help companies stand out. Aside from having a love for writing and reading, she is also passionate about animals, crafting, and documentaries.

Danielle Dixon

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