How Cannabis eCommerce Can Boost Revenue at Dispensaries

by Danielle Dixon 11th May 2023

How Cannabis eCommerce Can Boost Revenue at Dispensaries
Cannabis eCommerce has proven to be a lucrative avenue for dispensaries. Due to the growth of eCommerce in this sector, dispensaries have experienced revenue growth through attracting new customers through referrals, organic search traffic, and targeted marketing campaigns. This enhanced accessibility has resulted in a substantial increase in sales, as dispensaries are now better equipped to cater to their customers’ needs. The following are some ways that cannabis eCommerce has increased revenue for dispensaries.

Online Menu with SEO Optimization

Users felt obligated to shop online rather than in-store during the pandemic lockdown. eCommerce for this industry was suddenly a necessity rather than it simply being a nice convenience to have. But finding a way to distinguish out online was a struggle for dispensaries. Marketplaces gave short-term iframe solution but had very little SEO benefit for dispensaries. This is why shops now choose to sell their products online using native eCommerce. Marketplaces can’t compare to the benefits that native eCommerce websites provide. First, utilizing pre-built, no-code layouts, a cannabis retailer can customize their domain. This is a game-changer because it enables your store to remain online indefinitely. Native eCommerce additionally offers static URLs for each item, brand, and category on your online menu. This gives you the chance to make each page of your website have an optimized title tag and meta description so that search engines can understand what it is about when someone searches for it. You want to be one of the top results that appear on a customer’s screen when they perform a search for specific products or strains. This can assist in attracting more customers who can shop at your dispensary online!

Website Themes That Are Branded

Customers have high expectations for their online shopping experiences. Your online business should have an appealing design and be simple to explore. Utilizing a cannabis eCommerce solution that can capture their essence is advisable for dispensaries interested in developing their brand. Make sure the native eCommerce provider you choose offers branded website themes that use your logos, fonts, colors, images, and even videos. This improves and makes your customers’ online purchasing experiences memorable. Your company’s branded eCommerce website must also be mobile-responsive in order for customers to place orders using their mobile devices from any location. Your branded website definitely gives you an advantage over the competition and makes your menu stand out on mobile devices. Furthermore, it’s easier for people to find your company on Google when they are searching for items nearby! Scrolling banners on their eCommerce website are an extra benefit that dispensaries can utilize. This can be used as cost-effective advertising space to highlight new goods, ongoing specials, impending sales, cashless transactions, or deliveries. This valuable ad space is used by many retailers as a dispensary revenue stream from brands looking to promote new products.

Analytics for Online Sales

Understanding online shopping trends is one of native eCommerce’s most important value additions. You can track your eCommerce performance using the online sales analytics function and decide what adjustments are necessary to boost sales. You can use this information to enhance your menu items, marketing initiatives, and customer experience. Since there are numerous dispensaries on their website, marketplace eCommerce systems only provide a small amount of sales data, making it challenging to stand out. As a result, merchants are forced into price wars with competitors, which hurts their profit margins and bottom line. To give in-depth reporting on traffic sources, sell-through rates, and top products, a native eCommerce platform can link with potent analytics tools like your dispensary POS or Google Analytics. This gives you the ability to improve your online inventory and marketing budget by making data-driven decisions.

Online Payments That Are Integrated

It has never been easy for cannabis businesses to locate a payment provider that accepts pre-paid purchases online. Thanks to some software platforms, dispensaries can now accept payments online directly from your website. It’s a terrific way to boost sales because it lets customers buy goods from the comfort of their own homes, and because it’s integrated with your POS system, there’s no need for manual reconciliation. Customers are not constrained by the amount of cash in their wallets, making this a wonderful approach to boost sales.

Loyalty Programs

The ability to use loyalty rewards at checkout is one of the main benefits of using a cannabis eCommerce website that connects to your dispensary POS system. Customers are encouraged to return to your online store so they may save money on their subsequent orders by the ability to accrue loyalty points with each purchase. This makes online sales a lucrative revenue source and is very effective at attracting fresh customers. Additionally, loyalty programs offer a chance to collect useful customer data. Based on their prior purchases, you can use this information to send them tailored offers and promotions. This will maintain their interest in what you sell while boosting overall sales! Typically, loyalty programs are made available through email and SMS marketing, as well as a component of an app. If it makes sense for your business model, you could even think about integrating the two strategies into a single program. Just be sure to keep these campaigns from happening too frequently so as not to overload customers who might otherwise like using them regularly.


We hope that this piece has given you additional information about how eCommerce can help with cannabis dispensary revenue. As we’ve witnessed, it’s a potent tool that can assist dispensaries in attracting potential customers and retaining them. And with the help of FasTrax POS and its variety of solutions, cannabis shops can save money and boost online sales while offering a flawless online shopping experience to customers. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and check out a demo.

Danielle is a content writer at FasTrax POS. Her writing focuses on all-in-one, innovative POS and business solutions that can help companies stand out. Aside from having a love for writing and reading, she is also passionate about animals, crafting, and documentaries.

Danielle Dixon

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