Choosing a Cannabis Payments Solution: What to Look for

by Danielle Dixon 4th May 2023

Cannabis Payments Solution

Making sales and taking payments aren’t as easy as they look, as any CBD business owner knows. It’s not just about taking money from customers; it’s also about protecting your company while abiding by the law. You therefore require a payments solution intended for cannabis businesses. Your customers’ safety and the accuracy of everything you do can both be enhanced by a dependable, secure payment system designed specifically for cannabis dispensaries. How can you, however, know what features to search for in a cannabis business payments solution?

In this blog post, we’ll examine the many characteristics and benefits associated with payments solutions for cannabis businesses, as well as what to consider while making your decision. Additionally, we’ll go over how these solutions can keep your CBD store compliant and make handling your finances simpler than ever.

Always Fulfill the Needs of Your Customers

Choosing a payments solution for cannabis businesses may appear to be a difficult undertaking at first, especially because there are many options out there. It’s crucial to take into account the most crucial elements for your CBD business if you want to make sure you’re receiving the best for your company.

Here are a few important features to consider:

Cannabis Payments Solutions: Security and Compliance Requirements

You’ll want to be sure that your payments adhere to all safety and regulatory criteria when it comes to security and compliance requirements for payments solutions for cannabis businesses. Finding a solution provider that can keep up with changing security protocols and regulations is essential.

The most dependable providers need to have a history of abiding by the most recent local, state, and federal regulations as well as offering extra precautions:

Security for Encryption

To avoid being intercepted, every payment you send out needs to be encrypted and transferred via a secure connection.

Full Compliance

All sensitive data should be safeguarded in accordance with the highest compliance standards by your payment processor and POS provider.

Fraud Prevention

You should be able to identify and stop fraudulent transactions with the assistance of the fraud detection services that the appropriate point of sale should provide.

These measures won’t just assist you in complying with regulations; they’ll also provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that all of your transactions are secure.

Tracking and Managing Inventory Using a Cannabis Payments Solution

Inventory management and tracking should be one of the major aspects you look for when choosing a payments solution. This is essential for managing back-end operations and increasing your company’s efficiency. Inventory management software is crucial for dispensaries because it makes it easier to manage orders, monitor sales, and update product information. Additionally, it improves the precision and visibility of your operations.

When it comes to inventory management, these are a few features to search for in payments solutions for cannabis businesses:

Automatic Inventory Synchronization

Ensures that your CBD company is always up-to-date on the items that are accessible.

Tools for Organization

Make it easier to readily recognize items, even in vast inventories.

Reporting in Real-Time

Obtain precise information about changes in product levels.

Shipments and Returns Tracking

Track incoming returns and shipments to ensure that nothing is missing.

Lowering the Risk of Handling Cash

By providing staff with an easier method to collect payments, cash errors can be reduced.

Managing Security and Compliance

Make sure your company complies with state tax and accounting practices for cannabis products.

These features will improve productivity, lessen the hazards involved in handling currency, and help with legal compliance while also making inventory management simpler. Consider these qualities when choosing a payments solution to ensure that it will fulfill all of your needs.

Payments Solutions for Cannabis with Automated Reporting

You should concentrate on locating a cannabis payments solution with automated reporting features. This will make it a lot simpler for you to monitor the financial performance of your CBD business, regardless of how big or little.

With an automated solution, you can monitor sales totals and other important information in real-time. Additionally, all the information can be integrated with your sales ledger and other management tools to give you a complete picture of everything in one location.

What to look for in automatic reporting features is listed below:

Tools for Data Visualization

These provide graphical representations of the data, which can help in making sense of the data.

Analytics in Real-Time

This enables the monitoring of customers’ behavior and trends over time.

Dashboards That Are Customizable

You can access crucial metrics and insights quickly without having to sift through numerous reports thanks to customizable dashboards.

Integration with Existing Systems

Automated reports should be easily integrated into already-in-use programs, such as accounting software. This implies that useful information is always just a few clicks away, regardless of the system or report you’re seeing.

Having access to these robust reporting tools can make running a CBD shop much simpler and free up more time for you to concentrate on the actual customer experience rather than spending all day manually sorting through reports and paperwork.

Options for Integration with Your CBD Point of Sale System

You don’t want to waste time manually transferring data from one location to another when it comes to cannabis payments solutions. Finding a solution with possibilities for integration with your point of sale system is crucial for this reason. Integrations simplify operations, boost sales, and lower the possibility of mistakes.

In terms of integration possibilities, the ideal payments solution should have the following features:

  • Integrate with your point-of-sale system so that transactions can be handled automatically between systems.
  • Support automated updates that don’t need your physical labor; this way, any system modifications or updates happen automatically, saving you the time and work of doing them yourself.
  • Offer a straightforward method for syncing customer information between systems so that customers get the same experience regardless of which system they use.
  • Permit the system to import data from outside sources, such as customer profiles from other companies, so you can use the data you already have to enhance customer convenience and engagement.

By streamlining procedures and minimizing manual steps, integration options make it easier for dispensaries to manage their operations more effectively and boost their bottom line. These characteristics can be utilized by your company to increase efficiency in your cannabis store operations and to keep things going smoothly with the correct payments solution.

Multichannel and Mobile CBD Payments

You must use a multichannel payments solution to give customers a variety of ways to pay in order to streamline and simplify the checkout process for your CBD store. Sales will rise if customers have more purchasing and payment options, including being able to perform cannabis digital payments. The cash flow into your bank account will be streamlined if you use the same payment system across all of your sales channels. Additionally, confirm that your payment provider gives you the freedom to process transactions and collect payments anywhere, including curbside pickup and deliveries.

Even if they aren’t currently accepted by many CBD retailers, a CBD POS system should be adaptable enough to include other cannabis payment options. These include contactless cannabis card payments, cash or PIN debit, and gift cards.

Recommended Procedures for Setting Up Your Payments Solution

You should make sure a solution you choose has specific capabilities that make it possible for you to swiftly and easily set up your solution.

The following are the best practices for setting up your cannabis payments solution:

A Cloud-Based POS System for CBD Businesses

You can manage your CBD store from any device with an internet connection thanks to a cloud-based platform that gives you access to your payments solution whenever and wherever you need it. Real-time reporting of payment and inventory data is also made possible by this kind of technology, doing away with the need for manual data entry and backups.

Express Checkout

In order to ensure that money from customers who pay with cash or cryptocurrency gets put into your account, you should seek a cannabis payments solution that enables you to automate the reconciliation of payments. This lessens errors and makes tracking payments easier.

A Security Plan

It’s essential to make sure that your payments solution has strong security protocols to secure customer data because there are still federal regulations in place for businesses that sell cannabis. Be on the lookout for features like fraud prevention measures, two-factor authentication, and encryption technology. You can ensure that transactions are secure and effective by using these best practices while setting up your payments solution. This will eventually improve the shopping experience for customers who visit your cannabis store.

It is worthwhile to conduct research to discover the payments solution that best meets your demands if you are a cannabis retailer seeking one. With so many payments solutions available, it’s crucial to take the time to weigh the benefits each one has to offer and make sure it suits your company’s requirements. Never grow weary of demo calls. It’s the best way to make sure your potential POS vendor responds to your inquiries.


Prioritize secure payments, real-time reporting, account management, customer experience, and regulatory compliance when choosing payments solutions for cannabis businesses. All of these features will help your CBD shop become more effective and secure and guarantee that you can provide your customers with the best possible service. You can give your customers a safe and secure experience that will keep them coming back with the proper payments solution.

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