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FasTraxPOS is our industry leading retail Point-of-Sale software solution and is the gateway to helping your store realize the profits of retail automation.

With an easy to use touch screen interface that requires minimal training FasTraxPOS will streamline transaction times to ensure operational efficiency.

We are dedicated to making sure our industry is using the best technology available, which will ensure our continued growth together.

Our state of the art POS software solution provides our clients with the ability to maximize profitability and manage inventory through its user friendly design. We have a unique advantage in developing for the Tobacco Store industry because our president and executive team own and operate a chain of 50+ tobacco stores – nobody can understand the business more than someone who is a leader the business.

“A constant eye on your bottom line is the key to profitability.”
Streaming data updates on your inventory is invaluable when your business depends on rapid turnover. Live data flow allows you to spot trends and react instantly. Make on the fly price or buydown changes without interrupting store operations. Queue item transfers between stores from your corporate office. Instant access to your stores and their data via FasTraxPOS offers complete control of your business at your fingertips.

The Best Employee You'll Ever Have!

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Ease of Use

Customers tell us that a clerk is usually fully trained after using the system for just a few minutes. Our solution has been designed to guide the clerks in an intuitively obvious manner throughout a transaction.

Along with each screen being completely customizable, you can add as many as you’d like. Simplify your cashiers work process by nesting multiple items in a single button, not spreading items across multiple panels or screens!

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Operating a Lounge?

Build tabs and assign them to customers or tables allowing you to properly credit your salespeople.

Allow your customers to relax in your lounge and enjoy your products without reaching for their wallet on every new item.

When the sale is complete, credit your salesman with a spiff directly from the POS!

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Sell Cigars or Items without a barcode?

You can create panels and buttons for your products. Within panels are a myriad of button options where each can be set to list multiple items, open priced items, specific items or sells to a department without having to navigate through multiple screens.

In addition, POS button types are "permission controlled" meaning that only the cashiers you select can use them; very useful for negative action buttons. All transactions using a negative button type (cancel sale, void item, item return, no sale) are logged in detail where managers can easily view and report on any activity in full detail.

Simplify your cashiers work process!

Key Features

Intuitive ease of use is just one of the many winning features that will make our POS module the best employee you’ll ever have.

Biometrics, ample controls and instantly applied changes make the POS secure, efficient and always ready!

Below are a few features that will simplify your retail management.

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Store Security

  • Digital Security Interface
  • Force Safe Drops
  • Age Validation on Receipt
  • All cashier activity is logged and reportable
  • Biometric Security solutions available
  • Configurable cashier permissions
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Cashier Functions

  • Drawer Reconciling
  • Track Cashier’s Voids, No Sales, Price Changes, Returns
  • Pay Outs, Pay Ins, Safe Drops, Starting Tills and Loans
  • Limit Access to Specific Keys/Functions
  • Force Safe Drops
  • Multiple Cash Drawer Capability
Specialty pricing icon

Specialty Pricing

  • Configurable discounts triggered by sell quantities/dates
  • $ Off Each Item
  • % Off Each Item
  • Buy “X” Get “Y” Free
  • X Items For “Y” Dollars”
  • Pik-Pak Pricing
Customer facing display icon

Customer Facing Display

  • Keep customers informed of current sales or upcoming specials while viewing their current transaction via the virtual receipt.
  • Remind customers of your loyalty program or simply thank them for being a patron!
  • With the FasTrax Customer Display utility, marketing efforts have become simple using real estate often ignored.
Credit card chip icon

Credit Processing Options

  • Utilize Datacap utility/program with current processor and processing hardware.
  • Requires integration from your current processor with Datacap utility/program.
  • Utilize your existing external device and process with no direct link with FasTraxPOS.
Gift card icon

Handle gift cards without the processing fees!

  • With a closed-loop gift card module built into our system you have the ability to accept your own custom gift cards.
  • Virtually any type with a standard magnetic stripe or barcode will work.
  • Avoid the transaction fees.
  • Cards can be accepted by your choice of location.
  • View gift card activity and balances from main terminal!
Always ready icon

Always Ready

  • "Always Ready" POS enables you to instantly begin utilizing changes made from corporate without interrupting business at the store with program restarts or exits
  • "Offline Mode" allows the continuation of sales operations if communications with store level databases is interrupted.
Tobacco icon

Tobacco Industry

  • Track other products sold with Buydown items
  • Accept/Track coupons by Cigarette MFG
  • Automatically converts cartons into packs (as needed) for accurate item level inventory management
  • Carton counter and manufacturer carton limiter
Buydown icon

Manufacturer Buydowns

  • Automatically applies buydown price and tracks cartons and packs
  • A buydown can be set up by a time period and will automatically start/stop at your specified time
  • Philip Morris/Altria Retail Scan Data Reporting Integration
Incentive Money icon

Stop missing out on manufacturer incentive money!

  • Are you participating in the Altria or RJ Reynolds Scan Data Programs?
  • If not, you are losing out on additional tobacco revenue.
  • FasTrax has simplified the participation process and built the necessary reporting and sending utility into our retail system.
  • Start earning additional manufacturer incentive revenue!
Data icon

It's your data!

  • Stop paying others percentages of your incentive dollars!
  • Stop granting outside sources access to your data!
  • FasTrax includes this functionality standard in our retail POS system.
Money icon

Participating in the Philip Morris/UST Loyalty Program? FasTrax has that covered as well!

  • Sign up and reward your loyalty customers with exclusive Philip Morris discounts on packs, cartons and/or UST products.
  • Using our built in loyalty system, participate with manufacturers programs!
  • Create your own campaigns to drive sales and generate a loyal customer base!

If you are not yet participating in any of these programs, make sure to speak with your Altria and RJ Reynolds representatives!

Are you ready to hire the best employee you’ll ever have?

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