What is Biometric fingerprint technology?

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Biometrics is the study of methods for uniquely recognizing people based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.

Biometric authentication refers to technologies that measure and analyze human physical and behavioral characteristics for authentication purposes.

Simply put, we use your employee’s fingerprint to enable them to securely and quickly log onto the POS and clock in/out – with a single touch!

Biometric Security is an included feature in the FasTrax and a fingerprint scanner is either included or optional with our various Hardware Solutions.

Features and Benefits

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  • Password and login maintenance eliminated
  • Reduced costs – no "buddy punching"
  • No shared or compromised passwords
  • Deter and detect fraudulent employee POS access

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  • Convenience – no passwords to remember or reset
  • Convenience – faster POS login
  • Convenience – faster clock in/out
  • Biometric required activities are difficult to fake

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PCI Compliance

  • #2: Don’t use vendor-supplied defaults for passwords
  • #8: Assign a unique ID to each person

The Best Employee You'll Ever Have!

How is your business being affected?


According to the American Payroll Association, “buddy punching” accounts for up to 5% of overall payroll. Employees reported stealing an average of 4.5 hours each week, equivalent to a six-week paid vacation per year. With biometric securities, the payroll clock starts ticking when your employee is at the register and ready for work.

Notice the bar graph illustrating the above points made by the American Payroll Association. Using the numbers from their research, based on 100 employees for your business averaging $10/hr., you are losing up to $104,000 yearly from time clock fraud and “buddy punching”.

Weekly Expenditure vs. Yearly Loss

Weekly Payroll $40,000
Expected Yearly Loss from 5% of "buddy punching" $104,000

Along with payroll savings, the need to remember ID numbers and passwords are gone. Employee theft accounts for 43% of inventory shrink, however, when employees understand that their access to systems and resources automatically reveals who they are, their incentive to behave inappropriately is significantly reduced.

Employees now have accountability on the POS; requiring a finger read instead of memorized passwords ensures the compliance of an employee, thus reducing the chance for theft via another employee’s information.

"Employee theft is the largest source of inventory loss"

Employee % of Inventory Shrinkage

Employee 43%

*Source 2009 National Retail Security Survey

Quick setup will have your system more secure in a snap!

After installation, employees will be prompted to enroll their print the first time they attempt to clock in.

Once the applicable digit is chosen and scanned, employees are entered and ready to utilize biometric securities!

Are you ready to hire the best employee you’ll ever have?

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