Wine & Spirits

FasTrax Digital Signage is perfectly suited for the Wine and Spirits industry.

Every liquor store can become inundated with paper based advertisements that just don’t catch the customer’s eye like a vibrant HD display can. While you have the customer’s attention, FasTrax Digital Signage can show them pricing, cross sells, up sells and multi-media advertisements.

Digital Sign

Promote In-Store tasting events, Sales and Deals

  • Inform your customers of upcoming events without annoying them with wasteful flyers.
  • Easily create vibrant HD graphics to promote your tasting events.
  • Utilize features like a scrolling feed or animated promotional images to draw attention to your sales or events.
  • With our Timeline Editor, you can easily schedule out a year’s worth of events or promotions.

Get Paid By Brands for Showcasing Their Product

  • Generate Extra Revenue with Digital Signage.
  • Rent space on your display to brands you carry.
  • Manufacturers can sponsor menus by branding them with their logo.
  • Offset your signage costs by reserving slots in your scrolling feed or rotating ads for sponsors.
Digital Signs

Digital Sign

Showcase Your Products

  • Commission Hi-Def photos of your unique products.
  • Work with brands to supply product images and share advertising costs.
  • Show your customers how a product is made with Video and Sound.
  • Direct customers to the products you want them to buy.

Make your store look clean and Modern

  • No More paper signs and posters.
  • Never get on a ladder for price changes.
  • Displays are easier to clean and dust.
  • Customers are happier and more engaged.
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