Retail Shops

More and More retail stores utilize Digital Signage to interact and engage with their customers.

National chain stores have especially capitalized on Digital Signage. FasTrax Digital Signage wants you to know that even the smallest mom and pop store could benefit from our platform that was designed to be easy enough to be used by anyone.

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The Best way to handle Up Sells and Cross Sells

  • Show customers different pricing options with add-ons or upgrades versus base models.
  • Use Digital Signage to suggest add-on accessories specific to products being purchased.
  • Pair complimentary products on and add or menus.
  • Don’t rely on customers to choose the right add-ons, show them suggestions.

Centrally Managed with Ease

  • The Control Center Dashboard allows for the management of 100’s of displays across multiple store chains.
  • Manage Displays from your corporate location, or at the store.
  • Control Center is fully mobile friendly and can be used on PCs, Macs, Tablets or Smart Phones.
  • Your staff will love how robust and easy the Control Center is to use.

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Keeping Customers Informed and Up-to-Date is easy!

  • Announce new products with an eye-catching demo video.
  • Automate your promotions with Control Center’s visual Timeline Editor.
  • When price changes are made at your Point-of-Sale system. Everything updates automatically!
  • Scrolling feeds are easily configured with your promotions.

Reduce the Overall Cost of Marketing/Advertising

  • Eliminate unimpressive paper signs or flyers destined for the trash.
  • Save money wasted on time, paper, printers and ink.
  • Don’t risk your neck getting on a ladder to hang a sign, simply pop into Control Center and make changes to your marketing strategy.
  • Reduce clutter and save a tree by no longer using paper signage.
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