Complete FasTrax Retail Package Integration

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FasTraxPOS has long been the leader in retail automation and inventory management. We have applied our years of industry knowledge to FasTrax Warehouse and the results are always the same – success!

Our simplistic and feature rich Warehouse Software Solution is a standalone application that also pairs seamlessly with the FasTraxPOS. If you operate a warehouse or wholesale division of your business, you know how important it is to track your inventory movement and cost.

You Spoke

"Help, all the warehouse options out there today are difficult to use and INSANELY expensive. Most are based on old mainframes and require extensive knowledge to do just about everything. I need a solution, top to bottom that actually manages my warehouse without confusing, redundant menus and features..."

We Listened

Our Warehouse module is feature rich and offering solutions not found in any other warehouse package in it’s class.

Little guys and large suppliers agree that from scanning to picking, receiving to sending and in the daily management of your supply chain, FasTrax Warehouse will impress you as the best employee you’ll ever have!

The Best Employee You'll Ever Have!

Key Features

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Price Lists

  • Price Lists are assigned to account groups to easily assign them to accounts.
  • Supports tax % + margin % pricing.
  • Add/Discount base price by dollar.
  • Add/Discount base price by percentage.
Location Picking Icon

Location Picking

  • Up to 10 location levels available for items.
  • The pick sheets and handheld allow you to efficiently pick orders and eliminate unnecessary trips around the warehouse floor.
EDI Support Icon

EDI Support

  • Electronically accept orders via file system or FTP.
  • Electronically send out invoices to stores.
  • EDI orders can be mass printed for quick picking.
Inventory Icon


  • See the historical value of your inventory – a snapshot is taken daily allowing you to run reports on your own time.
  • Integration of package support.
  • See the quantity available on order and on hand at a glance for any item.
Purchase Projections Icon

Purchase Projections

  • Create purchase orders accurately and avoid potential overstock.
  • Schedule orders to run automatically so they are ready when you are.

Wireless Handheld

  • Perform real-time inventory counts and adjustments.
  • Pick and verify orders without printing out pages of worksheets and eliminate keyboard entry errors.
  • Look up and modify item information directly from the warehouse floor.

Are you ready to hire the best employee you’ll ever have?

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