Managing the sales and reconciliation of lottery can be frustrating

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Most stores have some paper method in place where cashiers enter start numbers when they begin their shift, then end numbers when their shift is over and manually figure out how many they sold and how much they sold them for.

If a book was activated during the shift, that can throw a monkey wrench in the process and require the cashier to do even more math. Once done, it’s usually faxed to corporate where someone then has to determine if they were over or short and then manually adjust the inventory in or out accordingly. All this for measly margins while selling a high internal theft item.

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We understand your pains and worked to develop our lottery reconciliation package.

Tickets are entered and are assigned a game number and bin. They are sold through our register as normal and at the end of a shift, the cashier reconciles them using either a handheld device, the POS or the Backoffice. They enter the ending counts, any games activated and the details from the lotto machine. The starting count is perpetual and based off the last ending count.

Although counts can be changed, corporate is always notified of changes and can see what the expected starting count was originally. Optionally, over/short can be displayed. Once reconciliations are saved, the data is pushed to corporate where any necessary adjustments can automatically be applied to the inventory levels. Also, invoices can be automatically created based on any activated book(s). All variances are shown and reports can be run against a myriad of options.