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FasTrax Director is the heart of our software suite. It contains the modules you use daily to run your store(s). FasTrax Director is included in FasTraxPOS and is also available as a stand-alone corporate back-office solution.

We have worked hand in hand with our end users to ensure that everything you need to successfully run your chain is included and easily accessible.

Pricebook control, scheduled activities, employee management, inventory control, House/Loyalty Accounts, Buydown management are just a few of the areas of operation FasTrax Director will streamline for you!

Our corporate suite was built for maximum pricebook versatility. You can have a single Pricebook Zone for all of your stores, groupings of zones and stores, or an individual zone for each store – there is no limit to the number of Pricebook Zones we support. This form of grouping allows you the flexibility of managing prices for multiple stores from a central location without having to touch each store individually for changes. Since our Pricebook module utilizes the industry leading "Tree Views" form of item categorization, managing mass updated price changes for multiple items with a single click is not only efficient, but painless!

The same application is run at both the store level (back office) and in the management level to avoid any differences in screens and functionality. While all modules in FasTrax Director are permission based per user, activities performed are tracked and reportable. At the management level, data is received from stores every 30 minutes, antiquating the act of waiting until the end of the day after "polling" just to run reports. All changes made at management level can either be applied to your store(s) immediately or scheduled to be sent at a particular time allowing you to queue known/expected changes before they happen, saving you time and effort!

Stop missing out on manufacturer incentive money!

Are you participating in the Altria or RJ Reynolds Scan Data Programs? If not, you are losing out on additional tobacco revenue. FasTrax has simplified the participation process and built the necessary reporting and sending utility into our retail system. Start earning additional manufacturer incentive revenue!

It's your data!

Stop paying others percentages of your incentive dollars and granting outside sources access to your data. FasTraxPOS includes this functionality standard in our retail system.

Are you participating in the Philip Morris/UST Loyalty Program?

FasTrax has that covered as well. Sign up and reward your loyalty customers with exclusive Philip Morris discounts on packs, cartons and/or UST products. Using our built in loyalty system, participate with manufacturers programs or create your own campaigns to drive sales and generate a loyal customer base.

If you are not yet participating in any of these programs, make sure to speak with your Altria and RJ Reynolds representatives!

The Best Employee You'll Ever Have!

Feature Packed

FasTrax Director is constantly growing and evolving, improving the options you want and even more than you ever knew you needed! Below are just a few of it’s key features.

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Item Control

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Schedule Tasks

  • Organize sales information and automate tasks.
  • Run tasks daily, on a specific day/date/time, weekly, or monthly.
  • Reports are conveniently organized as PDF and can be set to send to a specific email address via the Corporate Messenger utility.
Reorder Icon


  • Generate orders by sales history.
  • Schedule orders to run automatically.
  • Take current inventory into account.
  • Rollup pack sales into cartons.
  • Review orders electronically.
  • Electronically send (EDI) to wholesaler.
Receive Icon


  • Electronically receive order (EDI).
  • Receive from purchase order.
  • Create "kits" containing multiple items.
  • See and apply cost changes.
  • Receive from corporate or store.
  • Flag unreceived items as on back-order.

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