Gas Stations

Grab your customer’s undivided attention with Digital Signage from FasTrax.

Strategically placed Digital Signage can reach your customers before they go reaching for their wallets. Screens at the pumps and over the counter will drive sales in your gas station Deli, or convenience store.

Digital Sign on Gas Pump

Give Your Customers Something Fun to Look at

  • Strategically placed screens can grab your customers' attention.
  • Eye-Catching ads encourage customers to buy
  • Utilize Menus, Rotating Ads, Scrolling feeds and Video to grab their focus.
  • Customers spend 5 or more minutes pumping gas, better reach them with promotions in this time.

Use Displays for Cross Sells and Up Sells

  • Entice Gas only customers to come into your store.
  • Register Screens can promote small, at the counter items.
  • Displays can urge customers to make impulse purchases.
Digital Sign

Digital Signs

Rent Your Screens to Manufacturers

  • Digital Signage was designed to make you money in more ways than one.
  • Offset the cost of Digital Signage by renting space on your screens.
  • Build better marketing relationships with your best-selling brands.
  • Menu displays can be easily branded using the easy-to-use Control Center Dashboard.

Easily Manage All your Sales and Deals

  • Show your customers your sales and deals without the high cost of printing paper signage.
  • Schedule your promotions months ahead with Control Center’s visual Timeline Editor.
  • Prices can sync with your POS system, meaning pricing on your displays will always be up-to-date.
Digital Sign

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