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FasTrax is a retail automation and digital signage company formed by a diverse group of people including the owner of a tobacco chain with over 50 stores. This ensures that our software has been put through the toughest of tests, an owner's tests.

Our pledge, "The best employee you'll ever have!", represents our experience, loyalty and commitment to you and your business.

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Realize Your Sales Goals

With margins getting tighter every day, your goals are getting harder and harder to hit. We have looked beyond the basics and developed our software suite to help you squeeze every bit of profitability out of your stores.

Eliminating shrink, keeping inventory and orders at a manageable level and accurately tracking lottery are a few of the areas in which we excel.

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We Work Together

Our software was designed to allow the corporate office and the stores to work together.

Our ordering system bridges the gap between the two allowing corporate to create an order and the store to edit the order electronically. Scheduled and on-demand corporate controlled updates ensure that price books are never out of sync. An internal messaging program allows you to eliminate faxes, emails and calls while keeping a record of communications.

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The Tools to Increase Success

FasTrax offers multiple solutions designed to move your business forward.

Check out our suggested hardware to make sure you are getting the most out of our solutions.

Whether it is a handheld, server, desktop, or all-in-one complete with peripherals, we have the equipment designed for the requirements of the retail industry!

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The Best Employee You'll Ever Have!

Customer Testimonials


“Inventory management is a top priority for our company.... Two key components in the FasTrax system have definitely helped us manage inventory better than any system we’ve used before. The Item Analysis function has been a great tool... Additionally, the Suggested Transfer module allows you to quickly identify non-sellers at a specific store and suggest which store to transfer product to.... With a push of one button it will even generate the transfer.”

Bryan M. Powell, General Manager -Collett Enterprises Inc.

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“...both Nick and Derek were very professional and very courteous. The Training was very comprehensive, yet not overwhelming. I left after a day and a half with a full understanding of how the FasTrax POS system can help our business. The trip down was one of the best business decisions we’ve made in a long time! The FasTrax POS system is a Ferrari, with outstanding capabilities. Now that I understand it, the information it will provide and the time and labor savings it will provide will enable our stores to move forward much more easily.”

Pete Charette, Store Manager,Indian River Tobacco Traders

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“After the first month of running FasTrax, profits were already at a 20% increase. Through continued use, we are excited to see that number climb across our chain!”

Teresa Huffman, Blue Ridge Tobacco