Training Resources

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FasTraxPOS Training Resources

FasTrax offers a variety of service and training options to help you get up an running with your FasTrax products. There are also resources to help answer questions and help you learn to use features you may not be familiar with.

Training Documentation Training Documents

Lifeline Documentation

  • Whether you are an experienced customer looking to brush up on a specific FasTrax feature, or a new user learning the FasTrax system from the ground up, our extensive documentation library will provide you with all the information you need to accomplish your goals and learn your way around our products.

Training Videos FasTrax Training Videos

FasTrax Video Library

  • The FasTrax video library is equipped with a collection of videos that offer hands-on step-by-step instruction that you and your employees can follow along with. The available videos will not only assist in exposing, but also training you and your employees on various features of the FasTrax software.

Remote Training Services Training Services

FasTrax Personalized Training

  • We understand that at times customers require additional or personalized training for specific features and functionality; FasTrax currently offers various remote training options to meet this need! Stay tuned for scheduled feature webinars and helpful videos exclusive to our customers with support agreements.