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Current Version

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POS v2.42.25

  • Added ability to limit quantity of items sold per transaction.

  • Added “Current Balance” to customer account list when looking up.
  • Added “House Account Refund” button.

  • Removed license scan requirement from Return Forms

  • Added alert/notification when rescanning an item already counted.

  • Enabled option for mandatory employee note entry when performing Cancels/Voids/No Sales

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.
Complete POS Changelog

Director v388.19

  • Added ability to limit quantity of items sold per transaction.

  • NEW REPORT - Added “Cost Change Log” report
  • NEW REPORT – “Non-Tax Details” report
    • Report specific for detailing transactions involving non-taxed items.
  • Added “Discount” filter to Item Sales report
  • Added “Negative Items Summary” option to the Negative Items Report

  • Added function to update schedule’s based on budgeted hours.

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.
Complete Director Changelog

Previous Versions

POS v2.42

  • New Coupon Type – Give customers loyalty coupons for a percentage off rather than just a flat dollar amount
  • Add your company logo to Loyalty coupons
  • New Campaign Type – Create an “Ads” campaign to inform your customers of upcoming loyalty promotions
  • Loyalty Lookups in POS now default to the last lookup method used

  • Set a maximum number of skipped safe drops to ensure your cashiers are performing safe drops as needed

  • After scanning an item for a price check, switch to its parent or child item with one click

  • Set POS to allow sales of restricted items to people 21 and over unless they were 18 before a specified date

  • Initiate a transfer from any store and have corporate approve the transfer before the stores are allowed to proceed

  • Direct integration added for Heartland
  • iCMP and iSMP4 support for First Data Rapid Connect

  • Lottery - added logging if the starting ticket numbers are altered
  • Cashier is now prompted to finalize a reconciliation when they save it

  • Added an option to schedule an automatic Z out in case your cashiers forget
  • Cancels/Voids - added an option to prompt cashier to enter notes when cancelling sales & voiding items

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete POS Changelog

Director v388

  • Customer Balances Report - new report - shows customer balances in each Enhanced Loyalty balance type
  • Group by store in Enhanced Loyalty campaign activity reports
  • Time Clock Report - summary option
  • Item Sales Report - option to run just for a specific day of the week
  • Price Change Report - (new report) shows price changes over time for specified items
  • Cycle Count Report - item description now wraps to second line if it's too long for the alotted space
  • Top Sellers - option to rollup links when running by vendors/discounts
  • Inventory Eval Report - ability to group by sub-category
  • Register Z Report - tax exempt sales to report
  • Favorite Reports - ability for the reports to "remember" which stores were selected
  • Scheduled Reports - option to have scheduled reports sent in Excel, Word or PDF format
  • Slow Sellers Report - ability to use the vendor part qty as the threshold for including an item on the report
  • Purchase Analysis Report - added ability to group by report group 1
  • Employee Dept Sales Report - new report - shows department sales grouped by employee
  • Item Multiples Report - new report - shows how many times an item was bought as singles, 2x, 3x, etc. on the same transaction
  • Buydown Sales Report - added "Details Format" when running report on invoice data
  • Employee Loyalty Sales Report - New Report - shows number of qualifying items and discounted items sold by employee
  • Cycle Count Detail Report - Added grand totals for each column in the report
  • Inventory Invoice Report - Created new report under Purchase Analysis

  • Added “Preview” of Enhanced Loyalty Coupons
  • Delete unused coupons from a customer's account
  • Manually add points to a customer's account
  • Add items to a Loyalty Coupon quickly and easily through Mass Updates
  • Demographics Analysis - see loyalty customers by age/gender or loyalty sales by age/gender
  • Added Points Earned Report to show loyalty points earned by customer/store

  • Discounts can now be applied to an entire Department or Category
  • Limit Loyalty System Discounts to a fixed number per customer per day
  • Charge tax on the full price of items in a system discount
  • Create Inventory Clearance Discounts to sell through discontinued item faster
  • Buy X Get Y Percent Off – new discount type

  • Apply a commission campaign to an entire Department or Category
  • Added Pricebook Zone selection to Commissions Campaigns

  • The Hybrid Reorder Method can now be filtered by Category rather than just by department
  • List All Items with Replenishment - new order type - lists all items from vendor and shows suggested reorder quantities based on units sold

  • Added a filter to the lottery games list
  • Added the ability to deactivate multiple games at once

  • Added the ability to set exceptions by percentage

  • Add a disclaimer to any department which will print on all POS receipts for items in that department

  • Added the ability to mass-remove items from a campaign

  • Push corporate Director settings to stores for easier setup of new locations

  • Added “Orphaned Links” utility to find and repair broken item links

  • Added a button to lock out all departments

  • Added the ability to sort by "Verified" column in the Previous Invoices list
  • Added a button to copy an existing invoice

  • Added the ability to set a max number of hours each employee can be scheduled per week

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete Director Changelog

POS v2.40

  • Why stop at a single customer facing display?
  • Diversify your marketing strategies and expose your customers to more content using multiple displays!
  • Specify content per display and increase your marketing footprint for additional manufacturer support.
  • Utilize with our exciting new UpLifts module to create targeted advertisements and guarantee profitable results!

  • Operating a lounge, bar, or need kitchen/preparation printing capabilities?
  • Now you can identify items to print preparation receipts to a designated or networked receipt printer!

  • Operating a lounge, bar, or need kitchen/preparation orders to be efficiently communicated?
  • Our new bump bar module enables staff to see orders and their time in queue.
  • Use with a bump bar keypad, computer keyboard, or just a touch screen!

  • Need to handle item waste for your food or beverage services?
  • Setup the new Waste/Spoilage button type on the POS to perform on the fly inventory adjustments for waste items!

  • Add attachments to messages from the store's POS to send to corporate.

  • Force driver's license scans on age specific items.
  • Scan driver's before starting a sale to check/confirm age.
  • Force login on all time clock entries to further eliminate "buddy punching"!
  • Timeout on time clock screen
  • Restrict lottery sales to cash only.

  • Force login on all time clock entries to ensure actual staff member entry (finger print too!).
  • Timeout of time clock screen.
  • Timer from POS login screen to force time clock entry.
  • Now offering integration with PC Payroll!

  • Create manufacturer specific tenders to separate each manufacturer's coupons.
  • This significantly increases the reconciliation accuracy and efficiency when reconciling drawers and coupons.

  • Restrict lottery sales to cash tender only.

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete POS Changelog

Director v385

  • PM required format changes and optimizations!

  • RJR/MSA required format changes and optimizations!

  • Our newest marketing tool designed to guarantee additional revenue generation and customer campaign awareness!
  • Combine the marketing power of targeted digital advertising with guided cashier dialogue to ensure campaign and product awareness for customers.

  • Added additional confirmation window for "Undo Changes" utility.
  • Holds column layout per login.
  • Mass remove items from all System Discounts.

  • Filter customers enrolled by store and employee.
  • Filter customers by specific contact types.
  • Filter customers by inactivity for X days
  • Loyalty Customer Activity Report - filter by greater than, less than, equal to dollar amounts in sales totals for time frames!
  • Filter customers by specific purchase time frames and locations.
  • Filter campaign activity by customers for amount spent, by item group purchased, by store.

  • Set maximum percent discount amount.

  • Added new type - Hybrid Days of Inventory/Replenishment
    • New Items are evaluated as replenishment while aged items are evaluated as "Days of Inventory"
    • Dynamic values set per department.

  • New Report - Specialty Pricing Report
  • New Report - Cycle Counts Between Dates
  • New Report - Department Sales Comparison Report
  • New Report - Pay In/Payout Report
  • Top Sellers Report - option to filter by vendor
  • Top Sellers Report - option to show top 200
  • Non Sellers Report - display last invoice date
  • Non Sellers Report - logic to display invoice date for parent unit if no purchase date for sub/child unit
  • Non Sellers Report - option to exclude recently added items
  • Invoice Summary Report - option to group by store
  • System Discounts Report - New type "System Discounts Item Details"
  • Out of Stock Report - additional filter options
  • Previous Order Report - added "Estimated Retail" field
  • Cycle Counts Reports - Custom Hybrid Report added to display "Variance Retail"
  • Time Clock Report - Field added to show type of entry (vacation, holiday, sick, etc.)
  • Sales Trend/Comparison Report - New chart to display Department Trends by Profit
  • Customer Activity Report - option to run for Customer Tax Report
  • Register Z Report - added X Count field (how many times Reg X was ran)

  • Set specific POS Flags on items instead of using their department's POS Flags.

  • Set maximum percent discount amount.

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete Director Changelog

POS v2.39

  • Utilize your POS to perform store Cycle Counts.
  • Choose Cycle Counts from the “Actions” section of your POS Home screen.

  • Utilize your POS to perform store Spot Check.
  • Choose Spot Checks from the “Actions” section of your POS Home screen.

  • Send settings and panels to stores from your corporate office
  • No more need to remote into individual stores or machines to create panels and settings.
  • “Panel Sets” allow you to create panels intended for specific Pricebook Zones, regions, and stores.
  • Managing_POS_Settings.pdf

  • Launch any external application from the POS.
  • Price Change and New Item Reports are now options available from the POS via the Launch Module button type.
  • POSv2_Guide.pdf

  • Displays full receipt and editable quantities for items on current sale.
  • To utilize, simply press the arrow below the virtual receipt window within the POS.

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete POS Changelog

Director v384

    FTx Enhanced Loyalty is a premium module designed to strengthen your marketing efforts and give you control over your business’s repeat revenue potential!
  • Track and reward customer purchases for specific items or groups of items.
  • Create campaigns that are schedulable, multi-layered, and designed to dynamically allow for expiration dates or specified redemption locations.
  • Utilize multiple “Points Per Items” or “Points Per Dollars” as well as your manufacturer sponsored programs as campaign types
  • Much more feature rich than our integrated solution, Enhanced Loyalty coupons can be reprinted if necessary and are designated for redemption by the specific loyalty customer.
  • Use robust reporting to accurately track redemptions for campaign success!
  • Whitelist Items/Trees, Blacklist Items/Trees, create timed/location/stealth based coupons, and support your manufacturer campaigns all from within your FasTrax system.
  • Enhanced_Loyalty.pdf

Speak to a FasTrax sales person or Lifeline Analyst for more details

  • Have questions for other retailers about new products or best practices?
    Want to discuss industry news?
    Need a forum to discuss implementing operations or FasTrax features?
    Utilize the FTx Community!
  • FTx Community is an exciting new feature designed to promote communication between FasTrax customers to promote industry dialogue and user knowledge
  • Located on the Director Dashboard, request a login from our Lifeline analysts!
  • FTX_Community.pdf

  • Unable to sell certain products on specific days or times?
    Found in the Maintenance section of Director, create schedules for stores to limit product selling ability
  • Perfect for stores that sell alcohol but must adhere to local laws and regulations which forbid certain days or times.
  • Sales_Restrictions.pdf

  • You can now schedule System Discounts for specific days, times, and stores.
  • Since System Discounts can be flagged for loyalty customers only - expand your loyalty campaigns and create discounts for targeted prime selling days and times.
  • SystemDiscountsGuide.pdf

  • Ensure communications with your stores and staff, a pop-up message notifies you of new messages when using Director!

  • Locked filters will act as reference to auto-filter other fields for faster item management!

  • When enabled in Director, see an average cost for items which is generated from received invoices.
  • Weighted_Average_Cost.pdf

  • Safe Drops Report
    - See users dismissing Safe Drop prompts!
  • System Discounts Report
  • Orphaned Vendor Parts
  • Items Without Vendor Parts

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete Director Changelog

POS v2.37 (POSv2)

  • Commission Campaigns are a simple, fast, and intuitive way of adding a spiff to specific item(s) and keeping track of the payouts for employee sales.
  • Via the POS, employees can review how much they’ve earned, as well as compare their rank to others both in the store and across the company via the leaderboard.

Commission Earned
Commissions Leaderboard
*Requires POSv2

  • Added POS button type to assist with breaking Purchase/Sub Unit on hands manually.
  • Button can be added from the POS Button Editor section of Settings in POSv2.
  • Choose the “Breakdown” button type.

  • Added House Account Receipt Report via “Launch Module” button setup.
  • Button can be added from the POS Button Editor section of Settings in POSv2.
  • Choose the “Launch Module” button type, then choose the “Print House Acct Invoices” module.

  • Added ability to retry application of transaction if communications are temporarily interrupted.
  • For more information on Offline Mode, please check our Training Documentation section.

  • View loyalty sales history from customer window in POS.
  • Once a customer has been chosen via the POS customer icon, choose the icon again to edit, view sales history, and add to current sale.

  • If you are utilizing the FasTrax timeclock, you can now force “clock in” before an employee can open the POS.
  • This is enabled in the Misc Settings tab of Settings in POSv2.

  • Added logic to process weighted barcodes.
  • UPCs beginning with 20.

  • Choose which or if all items will receive discount for a transaction.

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete POS Changelog

Director v283

  • Merge orders allows you to combine multiple orders for a vendor.
  • This is beneficial when utilizing multiple reorder methods to generate orders on specific items/groups for vendors.
  • Highlight applicable orders and choose the Merge button!

*Requires POSv2

  • Build, manage, and send POSv2 panels, buttons, and store settings from corporate.
  • Manage via Director in the Maintenance module them choose the POS Settings option from the menu ribbon.
  • For more information on corporately managing POS Setting and Panels, please check our Training Documentation section.

  • Choose between New and Legacy style System Discounts via the Settings hyperlink (bottom right of Director window).
  • New style System Discounts require POSv2.
  • Please contact Support for assistance with scheduling your POSv2 conversion!

  • Set manufacturer carton single purchase limits per transaction.
  • Manage via Director in the Maintenancemodule them choose the Carton Counts option from the menu ribbon.

  • Slow Sellers option to the Non-Sellers Report.
  • Exclude Returns option now included for the Purchase Analysis Report.

  • Grid columns in Mass Updates, Ordering, and Receiving are now movable and retain location by login.
  • Simply click and drag a column to the location/order you wish to view them!

  • Only one Cycle Count worksheet can be opened per session at store.
  • This ensures no accidental opening, editing, or deletion of worksheets when utilizing multiple instances of Director on multiple machines.

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.

Complete Director Changelog

POS v2.36

  • Simplify item returns while bolstering loss prevention by using the original transaction receipts!

Item Return screen
*Requires POSv2

  • Quickly print labels via your DYMO or Zebra label printers from with the POS!
Print Label Screen

  • Complete House Account integration in POSv2.

  • Create item/gift kits in Director v262 and guide your cashiers through ringing kits via intuitive POS guidance!

  • POSv2 tracks manufacturer coupons processed for inclusion on your Retail Scan data Report

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.
Complete Changelog

Director v262 & v267 (Legacy System Discounts)

  • Quickly build custom item/gift kits for groups of items.
  • Give your customers kit choices by assigning multiple item tiers while simplifying your cashier’s transaction process.

Item Kits
*Usage at the POS requires POSv2

  • Suggest alternate vendor for items/parts supplied by multiple vendor.

  • Prioritize System Discount application order.
  • Buy x Get y Free.
  • Buy x For y Dollars.

  • Group by items with store details.

  • Build and send POSv2 panels from corp!

  • Tons of performance and function enhancements to improve your daily operations!
  • Review the change log for complete change list.
Complete Changelog

Director v243

In preparation for the 2015 program launch, FasTraxPOS has completed certification with integration via the PM Retail Scan Data Incentive Report.

The PM Retail Scan Data Incentive Report can be found under the “Sales Reports” section of the Reports module.

Participation will require you gather the following four pieces of configuration information from your Philip Morris representative.

  • Management Account Number (Chains) or Retail Control Number (Independent)
  • FTP Site.
  • FTP Username.
  • FTP Password.

PM Retail Scan Data Incentive Report.

  • Added support for Pricebook Zones in Vendor Part Kits.
  • Changed Vendor Part Kits to prompt if part number already exists.

  • Non Sellers Report now supports multi store reporting from “Stores Selected To Receive” hyperlink.
  • Mix-match now included as Discounts in Item and Department Sales reports.
  • Modified wording for printing Adjustments with Invoice Data.
  • Added SubUnit Retail to the Dymo 30336 label format.
  • Corrected issue with Dymo barcode labels doubling print job.

  • Corrected multiple issues affecting end user experience as well as multiple store management.
Complete Changelog

Director v236

  • Mass Update control
  • UPC Search filter added to Item Details.
  • UPC Alias support added to handheld suite.

  • Changing items between Buydowns no longer requires a “delete all” command to be sent from Queue.

    4 new Cycle Count options for creating counts.
  • Top Sellers All.
  • Top Sellers Department.
  • Random All.
  • Random Department.

  • Clear Sales data using Settings utility.
  • Clear Snapshot data using Settings utility.
  • Rebuild indexes using Settings utility.
  • Shrink databases using Settings utility.
  • Clear Queue using Settings utility.
  • Clear temporary report tables using Settings utility.

  • Added new fields (ToExtract, Extracted) for custom accounting export feed.
  • Exposed ToExtract and Extracted fields in Previous Invoice screen if accounting feed is turned on (custom).
  • Exposed ToExtract and Extracted fields in Invoice Details screen if accounting feed is turned on (custom).
  • Added check for Audit Data when running custom accounting export feed (this will override manager data when present).
  • Added additional audit fields for accounting feed (custom).

  • Suspicious Date Report to show dates entered multiple times via the POS age verification screen
  • Option to run a “Summary” for Department Sales Report. Significantly speeds up report while eliminating timeouts caused from selection of large date ranges.
  • Corporate Tax Rate Report now utilizes tax rate entered for stores via the Maintenance module.

  • Added ability to mass add stores via utility.
  • Added select/clear all option to “Mass Change” action.

  • Vendor Part Kits now process correctly when receiving via worksheet.

  • Resolved numerous performance and usage issues.

Complete POS Changelog

POS v584

  • Barcoded gift cards are now scannable at the POS.

Director v230

  • Modified UPC Aliases to prompt for expansion.

  • Added “UPC Description Start” to Item Details filter.

  • Began implementing auditing ability for Daily Reconciliation.
  • Added support for new fields in Daily Reconciliation Report.

  • Full Screen viewing
  • Added ability to change Pricing Exceptions via Mass Updates.

  • Removed alpha characters from Vendor Part numbers for LJZucca Reorder format.
  • Modified LJZucca Reorder EDI format to change case of Order Description.
  • Added Vendor Part Kit support to local file EDI receiving.

  • Added Promotions to Effective Price window.
  • Added Effective Date to Effective Price window to allow user to see future prices.

  • New Safe Drop Report
  • Changed Daily Reconciliation Report selection to a grid instead of combo box.
  • Added Invoice Surcharge to Invoice Summary Report.
  • Added support for new fields in Daily Reconciliation Report.
  • New Item Returns Report.
  • Added cashiers worked to Z Report.

  • Resolved numerous performance and usage issues.

Complete Changelog

POS v583

  • Resolved numerous performance and usage issues.

Director v213

Currently, item prices are controlled via the Pricebook Zone they are assigned. Now with Pricing Exceptions, you can control specific item prices for particular stores without affecting the other stores within Pricebook Zones. The Effective Pricing tool within Item Details will show the actual price of an item after assigned Pricing Exceptions, Buydowns and System Discounts are applied.

For more assistance with setting up and utilizing Pricing Exceptions and Effective Pricing, please use the setup document found HERE or contact Support.

Pricing Exceptions Worksheet
Pricing Exceptions screen
Effective Price in Item Details
Effective Pricing Window

Assign multiple UPCs to a single item. Similar to an ALT PLU, this allows multiple items to be scanned and sold, with their pricing and inventory counts originating from a singular UPC. Boxes of discount DVDs and Incense are perfect examples of how UPC Aliases can simplify your inventory and sales reporting process.

UPC Aliases Setup
UPC Aliases

  • Cycle Count Coverage | This report will provide you information for items not having been counted within an “Acceptable Days Since Counted” filter set by you.
  • Invoice Detail Report | Now allows you to see all invoices for all vendors within your filtered date range.
  • Item Sales Report | Now able to filter by Register Z.
  • Negative Cashier Report | Now able to filter by Register Z.
  • Price Change Report (Store Level) | When item prices are changed at corporate, this report will detail the items that were changed.
  • Store Price Change Report | Shows information for “Temporary Price Changes” performed at the POS.
  • Item Returns Report | Will now show “Price Overrides” performed during returns at the POS.
  • Reg Z Report | Can now show a list of cashiers who worked during specific shifts.

  • Vendors can now be store specific.s

  • Do Not Order | Vendor Parts flagged for “Do Not Order” will not appear in auto generated orders.
  • Manual Order | Vendor Parts flagged for “Manual Order” will appear in auto generated orders but with a suggested quantity of “0”.

  • Copy Buydowns | This feature within Buydowns allows you to copy an existing buydown, items included, to a new buydown. This will assist in speeding up the buydown building process.
  • Store Specific Buydowns | Buydowns can now be built and assigned for specific stores.

    The Cycle Count Worksheet now includes a column specific for “User Adjusted” counts. Instead of making changes within the “Floor” or “Backroom” fields, use this column for greater loss prevention.

POS v579

  • Ability to show/print item UPCs on customer sales receipts.
Sales Receipt With UPC

  • Version 579 of POS is required to utilize the UPC Aliases utility.

Previous Additions & Changes

Currently in BETA; Coming Soon
POS v2.0

With performance improvements, feature enhancements and a cleaner interface FasTraxPOS v2.0 will prove to be the best yet!

Come by and check it out at events we are attending this year.
More details will be announced closer to release.

View upcoming Events


You asked for it, you got it! FasTrax Director is now available to be resized giving you a custom view to fit your needs without losing any content.

With a minimum resolution of 1024X768, certain screens, like Item Details, will display additional information and functionality as they are expanded.

Using our new Scheduled Reports feature is a simple way to organize the sales information you require without spending time setting up and printing individual reports.

Scheduled Reports can be set to run daily, on a specific weekday(s), weekly, or monthly.

Reports are conveniently organized as a PDF and can be set to automatically send to a specific email address or via the Corporate Messenger utility.

    Reports Currently Available
  • Invoice Cost Change Report
  • Department Sales
  • Register Z
  • Manual Time Clock Entries
  • Cycle Count Exceptions
  • More reports coming!

An interactive grid can be accessed through this report to display cost changes and a suggested retail.

Suggested retails are auto calculated based on previous margins, however, through the interactive grid you have the ability to edit and apply your own retail.

FasTrax Warehouse is a new software package designed specifically for wholesalers.

Separate from our POS and Director, this stand alone package has been created to meet the needs for a simplistic, yet feature rich wholesale solution.

    Features include
  • MSA reporting
  • EDI Ordering and Order Projections
  • Quick and Accurate HandHeld picking
  • Detailed Inventory Interface

FasTrax Warehouse


You are now able to scan and utilize Manufacturer coupons at the POS.

The Negative Cashier report is now capable of displaying the receipt directly before and after a negative receipt via an embedded link within the report.

Now, when changing prices via Mass updates, you can apply this change across multiple Pricebook Zones at once.

Now, with Item Detail Templates, you can name and save item templates to use anytime you need!

Exporter and Scheduled Task are now services.
These utilities will now run in the background; silently and automatically!

Queue Refactoring
Queue entries are now stored in the database. When sent, liked changes are grouped together thus speeding up the queue process and using less resources!

Like with Zebra, our Barcode Printing utility is now able to directly print via a DYMO printer.

This seamless integration offers the ability to design custom labels accessible through the FasTrax Director.

DYMO’s simple yet robust software offers complete custom control of label design. From fonts to print sizes, professional labels are only a few clicks away.

Matched with the DYMO 450 Turbo, those professional labels come quickly at 71 labels per minute!

Hardware Solutions


Our Barcode Printing utility is now able to directly print via a Zebra printer.

This seamless integration offers the ability to design custom labels accessible through the FasTrax Director.

Stop losing payroll dollars on fraudulent time clock skimming. Up to 5% of overall payroll goes to “buddy punching”.

Plus, the elimination of assigned passwords creates a greater sense of employee accountability.

Add the convenience, security and employee accountability that our fingerprint biometric security offers.

  • Unique ID’s – PCI Compliant
  • No More “buddy punching”
  • No shared or compromised passwords
  • Faster POS and Timeclock logins
  • Deter and detect fraudulent Employee logins
  • Decrease inventory shrinkage

FasTrax Biometric Security


This report now shows how many days an item has been in inventory and the date it was added. Setting the report to filter by date range and minimum sales amount thresholds assist in determining your oldest items.

Previously, this report was run for an individual invoice and vendor. Now, this report can be run for multiple vendors over a customizable date range producing a more informative singular report.

This is a series of electronic worksheets designed to replace the faxing of data. These worksheets will aid in reducing duplicate entries and even automates some task.

Immediately, “Vendor Returns” is available, however, worksheets for DSD Invoices, Store transfers, Invoice Adjustments and Supply Orders are coming soon.

Now when reconciling, you are able to check and reconcile multiple register Z’s at once and have a manager verify cashier entries.

Are you ready to hire the best employee you’ll ever have?

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