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FasTrax products have always been designed for you, the customer. Now, you have the chance to let your voice be heard for future development.

Use our suggestion form below to send us the details of your suggestion/enhancement idea. We would love to include it on our next feature poll!

Polls will be active for a designated time period and items most voted for will be implemented in future releases!

Voting has closed and the "Employee Scheduler" is the overwhelming winner! An employee scheduler is now in the works and will be released in a future update.

Suggestions for our next poll are currently being accepted and will be available for voting soon! Don’t forget to send us your ideas for new features and enhancements by using the form below.

Current Poll Results

Suggestion 2

Open Inventory Items

  • The premise of this suggestion is to check for any open invoices, adjustments or transfers prior to Save/Reconciling an Inventory Count. Currently, you can begin, count and reconcile Inventory counts while your store is active, however you may forget to check for open items prior to beginning these counts. Since the purpose of counting is to find and eliminate inventory variances, if these items are applied after counts, variances can occur.

Suggestion 3

Save Mass Update Filters

  • Mass Updates is an extremely useful and powerful tool when it comes to editing your price book. However, you may find yourself choosing the same filters often. This may become tedious if you are regularly attempting to implement large quantities of changes. The idea here is to save those commonly used filters, thus increasing performance and accuracy while lessening your valuable time.

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